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*sigh* my 9 mo old is still keeping my up all night. and day.

So obviousley (sp?) I haven't slept since I gave birth to ds, but this is getting ridiculous. Since mid December I could count on 1 hands the nights I've gotten a good amount of sleep. Between teething, learning to crawl and stand in his sleep, and probably separation anxiety, the boy won't sleep.We tried cry it out for a month. A MONTH! nothing. But it's been better than it has been this weekend. The dr. said last week not give up on the CIO since a month is too long to go. THen by the end of the week, I was told by an advice nurse that she (the dr.) said not to worry about having ds nap, that it's better to get him to sleep at night and to do it the "hard way", aka let him cry all night if we have to without a single check in. THe past weekend we stopped the CIO and now he's waking up every hour and a half! HELP! I'm tired of hearing him cry, but I'm tired. of everything!!!Somethings gotta give.

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Asked by happymom7566 at 11:19 AM on Feb. 1, 2010 in Babies (0-12 months)

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  • Wow, I remember when my dd wasn't sleeping thru the night & how exhausted I was. Is there anybody who can come stay a night w/ you to deal w/ him so you can get some rest? I personally don't believe in letting a baby cry it out, mine won't calm down either, she just gets so upset she will stop breathing cuz she's crying so hard. Don't want her to get to the point of passing out so I don't let her CIO. my dd also cosleeps so this eliminated the night time crying. If you don't wanna cosleep what happens if you let him fall asleep w/ you & then move him? Take a tee shirt you've worn to bed for a couple of nights & put it on his fav teddy, it'll smell like you & give him something to snuggle w/ when he awakes. Do you feed him right before he goes down? Sure he's not having nightmares? Don't let him nap past 4 pm, an hour or so before bed play w/ him, really physical games to wear him out, tickle is one of my dd's fav. GL!!!!

    Answer by Nyx7 at 11:34 AM on Feb. 1, 2010

  • I don't have any family in the area to help me out unfortunately. DH works so he needs to sleep as well. We did co sleep for a while, but I'm so done with him in the bed. I'm not sleeping well with him in there due to him tossing and turning so much and having to keep myself aware of where he is before I turn myself. Before we did CIO, we rocked him to sleep. I made sure not to nurse him to sleep. It all depended on how deep a sleep he was if he would wake up once we moved him. That has been the big no-no, not putting him down drowsy, but fully asleep. But if he was not in lala land, he would be in hysterics either right away or within 15 minutes of putting him down. We have music going, nightlight, I have put a shirt down in his crib before. I didnt' see a difference. I have actually laid down in hte crib so he'll settle down and so the sheets get my scent. Nothing. I"m now relying on lots of coffee. :(

    Answer by happymom7566 at 1:18 PM on Feb. 1, 2010

  • Here's what worked here. I tossed all the books and "shoulds" and followed MY SON'S OWN sleep patterns.

    I'd been trying to put him down too early! When I started putting him down later, when he really was tired, he went to sleep faster and stayed asleep longer. I did exactly the OPPOSITE of what the books said I "should" do...and things improved.

    Sleep pattterns are developmental. Go with what your child is capable of. Sleeping all night apparently doesn't qualify YET. It will.

    Answer by gdiamante at 5:37 PM on Feb. 1, 2010

  • It's still going on!!! He may have been having nightmares this past week,b ut that's not what started this. plus still teething. We put him to bed late this weekend. Friday it worked but we went out so he was at a friends house, plus I had a few glasses of wine so not sure if the alcohol kept him asleep orwhat because on Saturday we put him to bed at 9 pm again and he was up half the night. Literally. He slept for 2, stayed up for 2. slept for 2, got him to sleep pretty quickly after he nursed, but then was up in 1 1/2 hour. put him in our bed byt then (5:30) and he's was up at I think 8. or maybe 7. don't know, hubby took him and let me sleep. I can't do this anymore. TOnight I turned off the monitor and was willing to let him cry all night long if he had to. I"m freakin done. I don't care anymore. (not true, but you know what I mean!) hubby just went and saved him and got him asleep. now if I can only get to sleep myself!

    Answer by happymom7566 at 3:42 AM on Feb. 15, 2010

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