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How do I fight off depression?

My husband and I just found out we are expecting our 2nd baby in october. The problem is, we're broke. And I don't just mean we don't have alot of money, I mean the day our pay comes in it's gone again and we have zero dollars for the next 2 weeks. It is easy for our family say to budget better but we have no money to budget. We both work, we got rid of our second car, are looking for a cheaper apartment and don't spend money on anything we don't absolutely need but it doesn't seem to make our financial situation any better. I feel angry all the time, at myself, at my husband, at our family, at anyone who presumes to try to tell me to "be thankful" or "excited" or "this baby is blessing". Don't get me wrong, I am excited and thankful and I know that our 2nd child will be a blessing, but how can I be truly happy when I know how bad our situation is and they don't get it? I'm afraid that I'm going to slip into depression.


Asked by Anonymous at 7:32 AM on Feb. 2, 2010 in Health

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Answers (6)
  • IS a blessing :) not will be.....and many mommies, wives, adults go through this one time or another again and again especially this day and age. You have to do what makes you feel better, what do you think the right choice is, what is best for your family? Maybe you could get government assistance, or move in with a family member like mom and dad, maybe it's time to REALLY take a look at what you "really need" maybe you could by off brands more, or try to sale things in your home you really do not need? I think for your depression the best thing to do is find support that YOU need that makes YOU feel better, get out of the house, take those brief five or ten minutes to yourself to sit in the bubble bath or to paint your toenails...

    You ARE healthy, you Do have HAPPY HEALTHY babies and a hubby....they LOVE you! remember that when it's tough!

    Answer by Bugsmommy1908 at 7:44 AM on Feb. 2, 2010

  • You have to keep in mine that life is full of hills and valleys getting back up the hill is hard work but heaven is at the top so it is worth the climb. Meaning that it may seem to be awful and it is but it will pass, and I know you will figure out a way to make it through, you just have to fight, and the baby is part of the light at the end of the tunnel, they have a way of melting away problems with just one look or touch.

    Answer by truealaskanmom at 7:35 AM on Feb. 2, 2010

  • You are in a hard spot and as a mom yuo likely think a bit more than you should baout it all. maybe you should check out some of the cafemom groups that helps folks manage thier spending? you could learn couponing and frugal shopping techniques that would likely stretch you money a tad further.the best way to beat this depression is being proactive in doing something to help your circumstances

    Answer by sati769leigh at 7:36 AM on Feb. 2, 2010

  • I'm sorry your finances are outta wack, we all have to go through it at some time.I think gods plan is bigger than yours & mine. At the end of everyday think of at least one thing ," U R THANKFUL for before U go to sleep." If you are BOTH doing the best you can and it sonds like U are all we can do at times is, " wait", heck no it isn't easy but if we hang in there somethings gotta give,ahy? Thats what life is , and it will get better.If your emotions don't seem to balance out I would concider talking to your Dr. about it and possibley go on an anti-depressant, but It doesn't seem to be depression because I didn't here you say you are sad and crying all the time, and the pain just won't subside, I don't hear that coming from you.Mabee it's anxiety it sounds more like that, I have anxiety, lol more when I get my period, ahhhe but what can ya do, just the best we can and see where the next new day takes us, NO 2 DAYS R THE SAME'

    Answer by Stefono at 7:45 AM on Feb. 2, 2010

  • i know how you feel, our pay check comes every 2 weeks, and its not a lot, and now im in college part time and i have to spend 30 dollars in gas a week til may, it sucks but if i get my college ed i will get a job and get the money back, now im looking for a job too so we can have a kid and not freak out about money

    Answer by bmdred at 1:23 PM on Feb. 2, 2010

  • You have alot weighing heavily on your shoulders. Motherhood came to me by adopting 2 beautiful babies. About 6 mths after adopting I was laid off from work and unemployment ended. My husband is working and like you all once his check is in, it is gone! There are two things that have helped us significantly: I found a great home-based business opportunity that I could do anywhere in the world! There was no large investment, no inventory and no risk. It is an Inc. 500 manufacturing company and has received awards from the BBB. We just help set up customer accounts and the company pays us to do so.

    I am on an amazing vitamin regimen! My Doctor took me off my depression and blood pressure meds!

    I know for a fact if you hear all the details about working for this company it will make sense.
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    Answer by foreverhome at 2:07 PM on Feb. 2, 2010