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Twins and CIO

I have 11 month old twins. They used to sleep through the nigh, 8 pm to 8 am.Noah still does, but Riley wakes up around 12 am and keeps crying until I can't take it anymore and put him in bed with me. I can't let him cry too long bc he will wake up Noah. They share a room an there isn't an extra room I can put him in to CIO. Anyone have suggestions? I'm going crazy. I just want him to sleep through the night again.

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Asked by dennysgirl07 at 1:20 PM on Feb. 3, 2010 in Babies (0-12 months)

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  • You were used to something that isn't very common. All babies wake in the night at some point. Separation anxiety, teething pain, new milestones reached, and growth spurts all contribute to night waking.

    Personally, I think it is strange that adults enjoy the warm company of sleeping together at night and think it is abnormal in babies who need it the most. think people spend more wakeful time trying to CIO than to just follow the baby's lead and let them sleep in the warm company of adults. It won't last forever.

    I co sleep so that's how I see it. I would never CIO

    Answer by amileegirl at 1:25 PM on Feb. 3, 2010

  • Hmmm. Well, you could put a toddler mattress by your bed and slowly move it back to his room. Or you could cuddle him back to sleep and then put him in his crib again and see if he stays asleep. You could also introduce him to a lovey. Offer him a blankie that smells like you or a small stuffed children's toy that smells like you.

    If he wakes up at midnight and is in bed with you he stays asleep all night right?

    So the mattress next your bed sounds like a good idea to me *shrug* .. You're only getting up at midnight that'd be like a miracle in my house. My 11 month old gets up 3 times. He will eventually sleep through and I wouldn't want to traumatize him so I just go get him, nurse him, and put him back to bed. We don't co-sleep because I attack people in my sleep.

    Answer by Anonymous at 2:07 PM on Feb. 3, 2010

  • I went through the same thing with my twins. I ended up taking the baby who was awake into the living room a lot; I figured just about anything was better than having both of them awake in the middle of the night. If she was really upset I'd cuddle and rock her, but most times I would make a pallet for her next to the couch so I could lay down and pat her to sleep. Sometimes I'd put her back in her crib, but I slept on the couch a lot too. I eventually started going in and just patting her in her crib, and at some point she stopped needing it. She does have allergies that cause her to get stuffy and cough when she lays down at certain times of the year; when this happens we use a cough/decongestant med prescribed by the pediatrician; we run the humidifier in their room year-round.

    Answer by Anonymous at 2:23 PM on Feb. 3, 2010

  • i also would never CIO. think what is going through baby's head when that is going on? my son woke me up through the night until he was about 2, and woke me up a lot until he was about 1.5. it's just a part of parenthood imo. i feel for you though, i really do! it is so tough.

    i don't co-sleep btw but i would always go comfort my son until he was happy and he would fall asleep fast after that. comforting was usually nursing him but once he got older it was often just giving him a blanket or a hug

    Answer by Stefanie83 at 2:27 PM on Feb. 3, 2010

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