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Booster seat: Is your child still in one?

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Cafe Jenn

Asked by Cafe Jenn at 11:03 AM on Feb. 6, 2010 in School-Age Kids (5-8)

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Answers (23)
  • I hope not- they are 10 and 15!
    But the rules changed right after my younger one turned 5 and they starting recommending they stay in them longer. I pulled that seat out and stuck it back in the car and he sat in it. He actually like it because he could see out the window better! The advances in car safety have helpful so I have always followed the advice of the HSA. When I looked at my son in his booster vs seat belt- I could see it made sense to put him back in there!

    Answer by soyousay at 11:20 AM on Feb. 6, 2010

  • yes, mine son is 6 and 42lbs. we use a booster with out the back.

    Answer by Anonymous at 11:53 AM on Feb. 6, 2010

  • My state says 8, so my 7 year old is still in a booster seat.

    Answer by Anonymous at 12:41 PM on Feb. 6, 2010

  • Yes my 5 and 9 y/o's are my 12 y/o isnt. I dont care if the 9 y/o likes it or not or if its cool or uncool, it is safe and I am the mom and that is the way it is. My son just turned 9 in January so technically by law I could let him out of the seat but his height is just shy of the 4'9 so when this next growth spurt happens we will talk.

    I dont let my kids ride up front my son asked why and i flipped the visor down and told him to read it, then he said well why do other kids ride up front? I said obviously their parents cant read.

    I really hate when I hear parents say oh but my 8 y/o doesnt want to feel like a baby, oh okay well when you baby is seriously injured you'll understand why we have these laws.

    Sorry this is one of my biggest pet peeves because it such a simple thing you can do to protect your child and i see so many people who dont do it.

    Answer by 3_ring_circus_ at 12:57 PM on Feb. 6, 2010

  • Here in Cali they have to stay in a booster until they are 6yrs old AND 60 pounds. ...Both my boys will be in boosters until they are 8 or 80 pounds because that's what i've decided to do.

    Answer by outstandingLove at 1:30 PM on Feb. 6, 2010

  • My 4 and a half year old is harnessed in a combination seat, and my 7 and a half year old is in a high back booster.

    Answer by JulieJacobKyle at 1:53 PM on Feb. 6, 2010

  • My 9 1/2yo is in one. She's only 45lbs and 4' tall so she needs one (she'll be 10 in June and the law here is 8 or 80lbs). My 8yo son only uses one if one of the girls isn't in the truck. Otherwise he rides up front between me and hubby. He's like 70lbs and 4'5".
    My 7yo is in one and my almost 4yo is in one but still using the 5pt harness.

    Answer by justanotherjen at 1:54 PM on Feb. 6, 2010

  • depends what state you're son is 7 but they changed NY state law recently and now they have to be 8yrs old to come out of their booster

    Answer by diablaherida666 at 2:11 PM on Feb. 6, 2010

  • Yes.. all 4 of my children are in carseats in some shape or form. My 7 yo is in a no back booster. Its law that she must be in it until she is 9 or 4'9" or 80lbs. Even if it werent the law she'd be in it, because she fits better in the seatbelt.

    Answer by KristinRox at 2:24 PM on Feb. 6, 2010

  • my oldest is 4 and she hasn't gotten a booster seat yet...she still fits in her harness seat and probably will till next year...i'm not worried about rushing her into a youngest is 9 months so she is still in her infant seat...probably won't put her in a big one till summer which by then she will be a year and some odd boosters for me...i still see her as my baby and it's hard to see her grow long as she fits in her harness seat then i will keep her there lol

    Answer by mom_on_strike at 2:25 PM on Feb. 6, 2010

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