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Pregnant After Dating for 2 1/2 months!

So me and my boyfriend have known each other for a total of 5 months, he is my brothers roommate, and good friend. We have only been dating for 2 1/2 months, and i am now 2 months pregnant. We are both in it for the long haul, but i need to take tome to get to know who he really is, I want to take the next 7 months to take our relationship slow, but still making sure its solid for when baby comes! Any advice?

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Asked by jennishallis at 3:56 PM on Feb. 9, 2010 in Pregnancy

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  • Wow. Maybe you should have thought about that before you had sex with someone you were dating for 2 weeks (if you even waited until you were dating)

    Answer by Anonymous at 4:08 PM on Feb. 9, 2010

  • I'm sorry. That was really mean, I take that back.
    Good luck with this!

    Answer by Anonymous at 4:10 PM on Feb. 9, 2010

  • Considering this is a website for mom, and expecting mothers, you would think the people on here would be a bit more mature. Grow up. She is simply looking for advice, and she did nothing wrong she was sexually active with her boyfriend...that makes sense.

    Answer by Anonymous at 4:21 PM on Feb. 9, 2010

  • wow i dunno what to say about this. me and my bf knew each other for 3 months before becoming exclusive so we used condoms and i was on bc the entire time. after being committed for a while i had quit the bc pills and were werent using condoms that much and about a year later we planned to get pregnant. well it wasnt until after i had the baby and we had been together for over 2 yrs that we began having problems....but bc we had a little time to get to know each other we could handle it. i just hope for your sake that he doesnt turn out to change for the worst after all this! good luck!

    Answer by Anonymous at 4:26 PM on Feb. 9, 2010

  • unfortunately I am allergic to most all birth controls, i get deathly lethargic and have ended up in the hospital 3 times for dehydration from throwing up so frequently. But i am not stupid, and me and my boyfriend alwayyssss used condoms, I have never had condoms break, but perhaps there was a rip or tare. for whatever reason we were dealt this hand, it is happening and all i want to do is make sure that my relationship doesn't suffer, and the baby has two parents that are involved in a healthy relationship

    Answer by jennishallis at 4:33 PM on Feb. 9, 2010

  • i have sort of been there.

    my now husband and i had been best fre=iends for 4 years before we started dating. 2 months later we were engaged, and a month later i was pregnant. its stressful, but workable. i know people who got married after knowing eachother for 6 weeks, and now 40 years later are still happy and going strong!

    i think taking the next 7monthsslow is a GREAT idea. the most important thing right now is COMPLETE HONESTY! you both need to be clear w each other in your expectations. he needs to know what you expect from him not only as your childs father, but as your PARTNER. and you need to know the same from him. if you are clear on this stuff now, it will help avoid anyone being blindsided later.

    if you expect him to not be out late, get up w the baby at night, change poopy diapers, you NEED to tell him. believe it or not, most guys dont just automatically get that lol.

    Answer by erika_wright at 5:30 PM on Feb. 9, 2010

  • Whether you were dating for 2 weeks, 2 years, 20 years....he is either going to be a good dad or a bad doesn't matter the time involved.

    As for your relationship with each other...I would continue to date, with a little baby talk here and about expectations, wishes, dreams, the types of parents you want him/you to be....all the while still being romantic and sexy.

    Have you ever seen Knocked Up? :) Similar situation..... tee hee

    Answer by TLALONDE16 at 5:33 PM on Feb. 9, 2010

  • Well, I don't really have any advice for you but you're not alone! The same exact thing happened to me! I met my fiance when I was 17 and he was 23 and I ended up getting pregnant 2 weeks after we started dating. But we are still together 5 years later.... and planning to get married this spring. And now we have 2 boys... ages 2 and 4 and twins due in June! So I am proof that it can work out for the best! LoL. Good luck!

    Answer by JenMarie2007 at 5:54 PM on Feb. 9, 2010


    Answer by rissaax at 6:41 PM on Feb. 9, 2010

  • dont listen to that anonymous bitch.

    Answer by rissaax at 6:42 PM on Feb. 9, 2010

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