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What kind of grandparents do(es) your child(ren) have?

Are they FUN and SPUNKY, boring and old, do they not come around? Are they wonderful, and amazing, and want to help out and see them all the time, or are they calling you after 15 minutes to come pick them up?

Just curious what everyone else has!

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Asked by Anonymous at 7:26 PM on Feb. 11, 2010 in Just for Fun

Answers (14)
  • My DD has very involved grandparents. My dad just LOVES seeing her. He lives an hour and a half away, but he makes time to come up more than I thought he would. I've been impressed. He'll take her for full days, swimming, to the park. McDonalds, etc.

    My mom is pretty involved too. She works though, so we don't see her as often as I'd like. She'll offer to take my DD for full days too sometimes, when she has a day off. My FIL has been coming over every other Saturday to spend time with DD. :)

    Answer by KairisMama at 7:29 PM on Feb. 11, 2010

  • nope they are not fun and spunky, they are dead but I'm kind that used to call every 15 min until my kids got home to get their kids. I do ok with the older ones but the young ones get on my last nerve. I can't take noise anymore

    Answer by Anonymous at 7:30 PM on Feb. 11, 2010

  • One that never calls or visits (my mom). And the other grandparents are awesome!

    Answer by Anonymous at 7:32 PM on Feb. 11, 2010

  • My children have grandparents on both sides of the family and they are super involved! They take the kids and do fun things with them, have sleep overs, go to movies, etc. In fact my parents are taking them over night Valentines Day (Sunday to Monday) and DHs parents have the over Saturday night (Saturday to Sunday) I am super excited to have a weekend to ourselves. Just the two of us, empty house, no kids! We are super lucky to have family that is close and willing/wanting to be involved in the grandkids lives.

    Answer by apattinson at 7:46 PM on Feb. 11, 2010

  • he doesnt know his "father's" parents - foa ll I know they don't know my son exsists
    my dad is a drunk ass - and dying, not involved - never once in 6 1/2 years called to talk to him or ask about him ect ugh
    my mom is pretty good - but she lives in kenya and we see her once every 2 years

    Answer by mommymeg03 at 7:47 PM on Feb. 11, 2010

  • My mom and dad are the fun grandparents- dh's mom and dad are the grandparents who don't come around that much.

    Answer by Freela at 7:48 PM on Feb. 11, 2010

  • They are disabled.
    We live with my dad and he has a bad back and rarely leaves the house (like once a month). He spends all his time in his room but he lets the kids in to watch TV with him all the time.
    My mother in law has Parkinson's and is in the early stages of dementia. She also lives about 8 hours away. The kids haven't seen her since Easter 2008.
    My mom died in 2000 and my father in law died in 2003.

    Answer by justanotherjen at 8:01 PM on Feb. 11, 2010

  • My kids have two sets of granparents..

    My parents are loving fun take my kids places...spoil them. ;) Would do ANYTHING they needed to have done....would drop anything to help.

    My husbands parents are good for nothing. Never help...never see them...dont seem to care.

    We really have both ends of the spectrum.

    Answer by Anonymous at 8:26 PM on Feb. 11, 2010

  • My mom works long hours and her work sends her on travel a lot. When she is able which maybe is 6 times in the year she prefers to take all of mine for an entire weekend. She's a good grandma that respects the rules I've made with my children and is very involved with her grandchildren. I do not think the character of a persons grand parenting skills needs to be counted by how many hours they watch their grandchildren; rather how well they watch them when they have them. My mom would take the kids if we were in the hospital but there is no other need I can think of to request her to take time out of her busy schedule to watch my children.

    My husband’s parents prefer to not be there. They are good people, not the greatest grandparents given they prefer to not be around any children. They aren't mean and are respectful, but come in and visit us all (never alone with the kids) once-twice a year.

    Answer by Knightquester at 8:41 PM on Feb. 11, 2010

  • My DH's family is in Kenya. His Aunt and Uncle came to see us this year and they're lovely people. My parents could do better I cannot lie lol. I'm laughing but it really hurts when I think about how we are not a priority. My dad and I do not even talk. He is married to my mom so we have a strained relationship. My mother comes over maybe once every few months when she is not too busy. She lives in the same city about 10 mins away. I don't think it's too much trouble to make regular visits to see us. She knows why I can't come to her house. I think she just resents the fact that I will not let her take the kids to church or come to her house. SO she is not the best grandmother due to many underlining unresolved issues.


    Answer by SylviaNCali at 8:59 PM on Feb. 11, 2010

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