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Would you take advantage of this situation?

My Hubby currently works for a FedEx Ground.He is a QA manager there he works part time and makes bout 600 to 800 a month. His terminal manager is married and is having an affair with the office lady who works full time and basically gets paid to sit and get on facebook and command my hubby to do her job(if he says no to her,she tells his terminal manager and he commands him to do it) So he has gotten used to doing her work and watching her desk so she can have her thousand smoke brakes a day while getting paid more than him and having the full time position! His terminal manager also tells my hubby to work off the clock so he can get his monthly bonus for keeping people in their hours! My husband knows for a fact that they are seeing each other,they hold hands, they have snowball fights , she gets away with murder,her brings her sexy outfits to work,& they text all the time. Would you use this to get what you want from thejob


Asked by Anonymous at 1:46 AM on Feb. 12, 2010 in Money & Work

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Answers (6)
  • I wouldn't use the affair to get ahead but I would let someone know (maybe anonymously). What that supervisor is doing is not only unfair but I'm sure against company policy. Who know maybe your husband will get the promotion after al the dust settles. I'm sure he's unhappy at his job and brings that home to you. I've been there and done that. So tell your husband to drop a dime without leaving his name, I certainly would. Good luck.

    Answer by KaseysMom68 at 2:11 AM on Feb. 12, 2010

  • No, but I would be filing a lawsuit. This is harassment and he has a right to work in a normal work environment, not a hostile environment. I would recommend that he contact the department of labor to find out what he can do. If he has proof of all the hours he has worked without pay, the Wage and Labor Board can come back on the office and make them pay him - with interest.

    Answer by sonnalynn at 2:12 AM on Feb. 12, 2010

  • honestly ...yes ...but I would have him do it anon.

    Answer by glamomomo at 2:22 AM on Feb. 12, 2010

  • If I were your husband I would do everything I had to do in order to get a full time job, even if it wasn't at Fed Ex. You simply can't support a family, much less a single person, on only 600-800 per month. How are you living? Are you working and paying all the bills? Is he a part time stay at home dad? I wouldn't tolerate my husband working only part time. I earned 600 per month ten years ago and it was a struggle for just me! Of course I didn't take any PA. It really isn't worth it to live like this. Have your husband focus more on getting full time work and less on what his boss is doing.

    Answer by Anonymous at 3:10 AM on Feb. 12, 2010

  • No, I wouldn't use the affair to get ahead. What you have related may not be considered proof and then they may look for a reason to fire him. Does your husband have to work part time until a full time position opens up? If not, maybe he needs to look else where for a job. Also, he shouldn't work off the clock. If he would get hurt doing that he will lose his job and they don't have to pay worker's comp because he was off the clock.

    Answer by CorrinaWithrow at 10:28 AM on Feb. 12, 2010

  • Working off the clock is illegal. I would report it to Human Resources. If nothing becomes of it then file a complaint with your state department of labor. I would NOT say anything about the affair. That would make him look jealous & petty.

    Answer by motherofhope98 at 10:42 AM on Feb. 12, 2010