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Does anyone raise yorkiepoos? I have doubts that what i was sold was actually yorkiepoos.

I bought 3 puppies, one looks like a yorkiepoo, the other two have slick straight hair, one even has a long snout like a lab. I don't really care what they are, i am just concerned that if the lady i bought them from lied, I may end up with larger dogs...which i do not want. does anyone know can yorkipoos vary so much in one litter? At 8 weeks they are 3.25 lbs (the lab looking one), 2.5 lbs, and 2 lbs for the really yorkiepoo looking one.

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Asked by Anonymous at 9:41 AM on Feb. 13, 2010 in Pets

Answers (6)
  • I don't raise them but we do have one he will be 1 in april he weighs about 18 lbs he is the best dog we have ever had I want to get a female they are wonderful dogs

    Answer by mom2fivekids579 at 9:52 AM on Feb. 13, 2010

  • A Yorkipoo is a hybrid. You don't know what you are getting unless you have seen both parents. I have a poodle that is 10 pounds. Obviously if the father was a dog my size they would be much smaller than if the father was a standard poodle that is the size of a lab. That dog would still be a yorkipoo.

    A dog can have pups that are from more than one father. If the dog got out who knows what the pups are.

    What's interesting is all puppies are about the same size when they are born. Small mother dogs have few pups 1-2 and big mother dogs like large labs can have more than 8. If the seller told you all three were from the same litter I would wonder if that was true if the mother was small.

    I hope you didn't pay much. Shots, chips, tests, labs, meds, licenses and spays or neuters will cost $200-$300 each right away. I foster, I know. They may live 15 years and you need to be prepared to take care of them that long.


    Answer by Gailll at 10:01 AM on Feb. 13, 2010

  • we bred our yorkie with yorkie who was smaller than she was was. and she had two puppies. one was tiny like the father... and looks like a typical yorkie... the other is much larger (even bigger than his mom) and also has a longer snout. he looks more like a silky terrier (i think that is what it is). but we knew the parents... and believe me, he was a yorkie. i guess like people, it is just what is in the genes. remember... a yorkiepoo is a hybrid. you can get whatever. but if you arent willing to care for them, then find them good homes now. it is possible that he could get as large as 18/20lbs i would think.

    Answer by Anonymous at 10:30 AM on Feb. 13, 2010

  • they are mutts so they are not all going to look alike. Puppies can take after either parent as well as dogs farther back in their blood line. The size and weight may not be what you are expecting if the parents were not well bred to begin with i have seen purebreds that were bigger then they are supposed to be.

    Answer by KyliesMom5 at 10:37 AM on Feb. 13, 2010

  • From what you say about the weights they are most likely from the same litter.I raise yorkies and there may be several different sizes within a litter.I have had 2.3oz up to 5oz,and they sometimes level out to be somewhat the same size.Since there is a poodle in the mix you could have some that are more yorkie like and some more poodle like.BTW,I had a yorkie that had 7 puppys and raised them all------ all by herself,and I have had litters of 1.

    Answer by Tikismom at 5:07 PM on Feb. 13, 2010

  • 'Yorkiepoos' are mutts. They could look completely poodle, completely yorkiie, or nothing like either.
    There is no standard for a 'yorkiepoo', so you can't say it doesn't look like one.

    There are no yorkiepoo standards, so you have no ide how big they could be. If their mother was a larger than average poodle they could get very big indeed.

    Answer by Piskie at 7:57 AM on Feb. 15, 2010

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