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Im 40 weeks and 3 days pregnant, I have a doctors app on the 16th to talk to my doctor about inducing me. I didnt really want to be induced, but it doesnt seem this baby is gunna come on her own. They dont want you past 41 weeks at my doctors. So my question is

Were you indcuced? How many weeks were you? And How soon did you get induced like did you have a doctors app and they told you they were inducing and sent you to the hospital? And how did the induction go for you?

I need to know if at this app on the 16th i need to bring my hospital bad and stuff, cause they will send me to the hospital that day or will they schedule a diff day?

I am only 1cm dilated 80% effaced and -1 station.

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Asked by mommy2be77 at 3:28 PM on Feb. 13, 2010 in Pregnancy

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  • i wouldn't take my stuff personally, but it's really impossible to know if they will induce you right then, or wait until the next day, or a couple of days later.

    if you don't want to be induced, you don't have to be. your baby WILL come. it's normal to be preg for 42 weeks. my son was born at 41 weeks.

    gl, no matter what you decide =)

    Answer by Anonymous at 3:30 PM on Feb. 13, 2010

  • oh i meant to say, if you don't have your stuff, they would probably just say oh well let's do it tomorrow.

    i think they usually do want to schedule you for another day so they can start early in the morning, or late in the evening, just so the birth is more likely to happen during good hours for the doc

    Answer by Anonymous at 3:31 PM on Feb. 13, 2010

  • I was induced at 38 weeks and I loved it! It was scheduled for 3 days after my dr visit and they started it at 6 o clock at night - so it was not scheduled out of convenience for the dr. It was not any harder or any stronger than my previous 2 vaginal deliveries and because it was scheduled I had plenty of time to plan and prepare; I was very calm and it went very smoothly. Good luck.

    Answer by missanc at 3:34 PM on Feb. 13, 2010

  • 36 weeks, induced at my appointment (high blood pressure).
    39 weeks, scheduled induction on a Monday. EASY. DO IT. I'm so glad all the worry and guess work was gone. Got the epidurals on time, both times, very organized and planned. It was awesome for me both times.

    Answer by jeanclaudia at 3:34 PM on Feb. 13, 2010

  • I was induced at 40 weeks. I went into the doc's and they said they'd like to induce me and after all my normal appointment stuff I went out in the waiting room and then a nurse came out and called the hospital and they picked a day for the induction over the phone with me right there. So, I wouldn't take your bags or anything.

    My induction went great! I went in and they broke my water and started Pitocin. (I was 5cm 75% effaced for 3 weeks so that's how i was when I got to the hospital that morning) Within an hour I was 7cm and 100% and by the time I had my daughter I'd only been in labor for 2 1/2 hours and pushed for about 30min. everything went smooth. The contractions were INTENSE though and I went without an epi.

    Answer by nessani28 at 3:38 PM on Feb. 13, 2010

  • I also agree with the previous posters, it was great because I wasn't playing a waiting game anymore and it was much more structured than it would have been had I waited and gone on my own. I knew the night before that the next morning I'd be having a baby.

    Answer by nessani28 at 3:39 PM on Feb. 13, 2010

  • i was induced on my due date because he didn't want her to get too big and it was right before 4th of July (July 1st). You shouldn't need bags for the appointment at the doctor. They will schedule with the hospital and then you will got there when they tell you too.

    i had no problems. i am glad that we didnt wait becasue she would have been too big for me, i think. ha ha!

    Answer by aly38914290 at 3:42 PM on Feb. 13, 2010

  • "I didnt really want to be induced, but it doesnt seem this baby is gunna come on her own."

    40 weeks is only a MID-point in the estimated due period. The average gestation lasts 38-42 weeks, so you don't have to worry that baby is never going to come! ;-)
    If you are a first time mom, the average is 41 weeks, 1 day, anyhow.

    Being healthy you don't have to add unnecessary risks by choosing an elective induction. It is your choice. You may decline interventions that you don't want, legally.
    Your call! ;-)

    If you want the induction, after all, yes, bring your bag.

    With my induction, we had been trying for almost a week, so I was always ready to go...
    One of the biggest mistakes I have made~~ a huge reason I doula & advocate! ;-)

    Answer by doulala at 3:57 PM on Feb. 13, 2010


    I was induced and it was the worst experience of my life. Inductions are extremely risky. It really bothers me that so many people are acting like they are a big deal at all when in fact MANY are failed inductions that end in c-sections because the baby is in distress or because the mother's body is just not ready and it refuses to dilate all the way.

    I've had 2 labors. The induction was horrifically painful, ended in hemmorage and was extremey traumatising for me.

    Answer by Anonymous at 4:07 PM on Feb. 13, 2010

  • By the time your appointment comes you'll be almost a week past your due date. If you yourself are pretty sure of conception month I think by then or a bit past then but not much it's ok.

    I was 17 days late past my due date when I was finally induced. And my plug and contractions of labor started on my 14th day past due. I was totally wiped out by the time I was induced finally from those days of continuous labor every hour to forty five minutes up and down to 8 minutes and up and down. I had high blood pressure and swelling in my last mo, blood pr.readings ev. 2 days.

    I ended up with an infection with temp me as the patient for over a week after my baby was born.

    I literally saw double cuzof my health&normal worries formy baby 4 1styear.

    I do not think you should go past abit over a week past due,meaning if baby's lungs and ultrasounds in details show baby's ready for birth then induce.

    Don't be ~3 wks like me..

    Answer by lfl at 4:14 PM on Feb. 13, 2010

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