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mold in the shower-

long story short, I'm in a rental and the shower is to be replace- when the owner gets to it, she admits she has no idea when that will be. Because it wasn't sealed/caulked correctly (according to the workman) the mold is growing. I scrub it with bleach but it does little to no good-
I'm not sure if I should call the Health department or what, but in the meantime does anyone have any suggestions on what to use on the mold?


Asked by Anonymous at 9:18 AM on Feb. 17, 2010 in Home & Garden

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Answers (5)
  • I was gonna say bleach .. that's all I've ever used.

    I would insist the landlord replace - mold is a health issue -at the very least the landlord should have a workman come in and strip out and replace all the caulking/sealant until the shower is replaced.

    And I would give them a deadline to have it done and do so in writing! IF they don't meet the deadline, I would call the health dept

    Answer by MaryJacobs at 9:25 AM on Feb. 17, 2010

  • Instead of scrubbing bleach on it try to spray directly on it and leave the house don't even try to delute it and if you stay inside the house all those fumes will be very strong make sure you leave the doors and windows open until this smell has passed when you come back you will have while every where (well depend on how bad it is) GL

    Answer by Butterfly1108 at 9:22 AM on Feb. 17, 2010

  • Try Mold and mildew remover--Wear a mask, it is pretty strong, you can actually caulk the shower yourself, it is really easy to do. After you spray and get rid of most of the mold,,,,let the shower dry and caulk away! They sell it at the hardwear store for under $10. If the shower is still stained, don't worry,,,the mold is dead after you use the remover. I learned how to do this on line,,,they had a demo on tape, just google it, and then hopefully the landlord will get to her job pretty soon! Good luck mommy!

    Answer by kimigogo at 9:31 AM on Feb. 17, 2010

  • I have the same issue in my house. It was built in 1890 and the bathroom was apparently an add on (guess they had an outhouse idk). I only had the mold happen once but I put straight bleach on it. Kimigogo is also right. I ended up sealing my bathroom myself and it didnt cost much or cost much in effort or elbow greese either. I think altogether I spent less then $20 and around 1-2 hours.

    Answer by gemgem at 9:35 AM on Feb. 17, 2010

  • All bleach does is release the mold spores into the air so you can breathe em in. Don't bother w/ bleach. Use hydrogen peroxide, it will kill the mold. You have a right as a renter, depends on which state but in mine the renter can withhold part of the rent until the issue is fixed. Call your housing commission & find out, also file a complaint w/ the health dept.

    Answer by Nyx7 at 10:06 AM on Feb. 17, 2010