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This mom is crazy!

A mom I know has recently accused my daughter of causing the breakup of her daughter and some other girls friendship! The things she said happened did not. Now she is quietly, but methodically having her daughter spend tremendous amounts of time with girls that are my daughters best friends and their parents who were my friends. It is almost as if she is wooing them or "courting them. This is a known pattern for her . She doesn't know that I know what is going on. Should I confront this mom with what I know and suspect? She seems to come out smelling like a rose everytime. Do I say something to her or just ignore her?


Asked by lovetoteach1988 at 12:28 AM on Feb. 19, 2010 in Relationships

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Answers (8)
  • i'd ignore her....and tell your daughter that those are people that she should stay away from and keep her from all the drama. You don't need it and neither does your daughter....let the woman and her family live in the dramatic misery and keep her far away from you.

    Answer by LynnB1 at 12:42 AM on Feb. 19, 2010

  • honey just ignore her....not worth your time

    Answer by youngandafraid at 12:31 AM on Feb. 19, 2010

  • wow I think you both have issues.

    how do you know what happened exactly with the friendship to know your daughter had no part in that?

    how old is your daughter? elementary school age - both moms are drama queens and making a mountain out of a mole hill that is kids being kids. highschool age - moms still drama queens, need to back off and let their teenagers handle their own friendships. What good is a friendship if the moms put it together and can tear it apart?

    Answer by Anonymous at 12:32 AM on Feb. 19, 2010

  • Ignore makes you look the bigger person in the end.

    Answer by ChaoticSoul at 12:38 AM on Feb. 19, 2010

  • So far, my daughter doesn't know anything about this! She and the other girls are still somewhat friends. I have kept the vast majority of it from her! The girls are not the ones with the problelm. The reason that I know that my daughter had nothing to do with the decline of the frienship is because, each time that the mom said my daughter did or said anything, another mother was present and told me that it did not happen the way she reported it! Isn't there some type of personality disorder related to this mom's actions? I am trying to ignore her and she doesn't know that I know anything! She still treats me like nothing has happened!

    Answer by lovetoteach1988 at 1:54 AM on Feb. 19, 2010

  • The girls involved are in 6th grade!

    Answer by lovetoteach1988 at 1:55 AM on Feb. 19, 2010

  • Sounds like she needs a hobby...and the rest of you moms who seem to be a little too involved might as well.... I would distance myself from this whacko if I were you before you end up in one of those situations like that whole cheerleading fiasco where the one mom tried to hire someone to kill the other mom and her daughter.

    JMO of course. I would be curious to hear the other sides to this story myself....weird.


    Answer by Allergic2Stupid at 7:25 AM on Feb. 19, 2010

  • What is interesting from our side of it is that this is the very first time in my life that I have ever dealt with someone like this and the first time my daughter has experienced it as well. Most of the mom's involved are extremely laid back and NOT drama queens at all. She does need a hobby, she has one child and stays at home, so she has plenty of time to think up her next move!

    Answer by lovetoteach1988 at 11:22 AM on Feb. 20, 2010