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for the past week i have been having high blood pressure. and chest pains when i breath , also at time i feel like i have shortage of breath.. or i have to keep inhaling deeply... What should i do ladies, should i be worried?
is this a form of a problem during pregnancy...

im not sure what to do/think

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Asked by Anonymous at 8:50 PM on Feb. 20, 2010 in Pregnancy

Answers (7)
  • have you gone to the doca bout this?

    Answer by mommymeg03 at 8:51 PM on Feb. 20, 2010

  • How pregnant?? Yes the last few weeks when baby is huge it compresses your lung ypwards making it difficult to breathe. High blood pressure isn't good. Could be preeclampsia and if you can't get it resolved they might have to deliver the baby. I'd be calling my doctor with this.

    Answer by 2autisticsmom at 8:55 PM on Feb. 20, 2010

  • Go see the doc!! I had high blood pressure with my second and it turned into preeclampsia. I had to be induced on my due date 'cause my blood pressure was so high.
    Check out these signs and symptoms:

    Answer by Malibustacy at 8:56 PM on Feb. 20, 2010

  • im only 11 weeks along.... and yes they think its due to my blood pressure being so high, and i go back next week on thrusday..
    but today i been feeling really under the weather and having more and more chest pains /(not heartburn)

    Answer by Anonymous at 8:57 PM on Feb. 20, 2010

  • Then run a vaporizer and inhale the warm steam to reduce the mucus build up in the lungs. It should ease the breathing. Lay down and take it easy too. The less you do the lower your B/P should be. Elevate the feet. And of course follow up with the doc if it continues.

    Answer by 2autisticsmom at 9:00 PM on Feb. 20, 2010

  • Call the on-call doc and be seen right away. Its probably nothing, but you should definitely be checked out

    Answer by Anonymous at 9:06 PM on Feb. 20, 2010

  • I had high blood pressure when I was pregnant with my son. I'll tell this its nothing to play around with! Did they give you anything for the blood pressure? How high was it? Do not be afraid to call your doctor or go to the emergency room. I had a bad headach for about two weeks before I saw my doctor and when I went in and she checked my blood pressure and told me not to move! It was super high. Anyway don't stress out too much thats not good for the baby. Call your doctor and let them do the stressing for you. And the breathing heavy part at 11 weeks is not really normal. That normally happens later on.. I delivered two weeks early because my blood pressure was 170/100 By c-section because they said my body would not be able to handle a 14 hour labor! Anyway.. Be smart and go to the emergency room if you feel like something is wrong! Good luck!!!

    Answer by smarie1011 at 9:48 PM on Feb. 20, 2010

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