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Does anyone just HATE their inLaws with a passion, the MIL the most!! How do you cope letting them around your kids?????

Does anyone just hate I mean HATE their MIL? I mean I hate the woman and she is always nice to me, but I HATE HER. She is NASTY and when me and my hubby 1st got married she acted like i had stole her husband or something and always talks behind my back. I am fixing to pop this baby out and I dont want her around it..touching it looking at or anything. I am driving myself MAD with the thoughts in my own head. SHE IS not CLEAN either. not in my book- my husband only sees this as me being mean to his mom so telling him or asking him anything is OUT OF THE QUESTION. I can tolerate everyone in his family BUT her and she is bouncin to get her diggers on my new baby..... I feel like this is gonna led to my divorce! and husband is not one who care wants to hear it or really gives a hoot. he dont like drama or feelings or want to be the go between he wants me to keep it to myself and SMILE


Asked by Anonymous at 10:23 PM on Feb. 21, 2010 in Pregnancy

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Answers (7)
  • I feel you I hate my mother-in-law so much that sometime I can't be near her without thinking of bad thoughts. I hate her so much I don't want her anywhere near my babies and having her hold my first born and try to kiss him I wanted to knock her out. She is a fake as bitch and I wished I would have meet her so then I wouldn't have married my husband. Like yesterday my husband called her and had myt son talk to her I wanted to throw his phone away. It's pissed me off so bad I can't even explain, I hate her I hate her and I can't wait till she's dead so then I will be happy and so wil my family.

    Answer by momtoPMCandJNC at 3:31 AM on Feb. 22, 2010

  • Didn't you know that you marry the family as well? Good luck with that one!

    Answer by Anonymous at 10:33 PM on Feb. 21, 2010

  • Ok I was in this situation.Sounds like your husband is a lot like mine!What I did was just tell her! It was really hard for me but I did it! I told her that my son wouldn't be at her house very often cause he was mine and I wanted to raise him! It caught her off guard and she didn't know what to say! I went on and told her that she was going to be a grandma and that if my son was always with her she wouldn't be able to enjoy him!Then I put in that I didn't want to her to be overwhelmed with another baby cause she had already been through that faze in her life. Flattery is always a good tool! It keeps you out of hot water with your hubby and your mother in law! Even if you know you are being sarcastic they don't! Use it to your advantage and don't let it ruin your marriage! Cause you married him for a good reason!! Mother in laws are the worst cause they feel left out and forgotten I guess! Just remember not to be that way!!

    Answer by cgonzales542 at 10:38 PM on Feb. 21, 2010

  • I hate mine as well but your MIL cant be worse then mine I live with this B*tch and she is crazy like on paper crazy she has severe bi polar disorder and makes up crazy crap all the time plus has literally takin over my daughter gives her candy behind my back all the time and then when my daughter gets in trouble she is always like come here to mammaw and makes me the bad guy i know how you feel on the hubby thing as well because he says we dont make enough money to move out i would live in a shack compared to this ok!! My MIL is nasty as well like leaves trash laying everywhere never cleans and is just a lazy sack of shit !! I cant stand her or my FIL because he takes up for her all the time even though she is the biggest retard in the world if you have a bad feeling about her with your child then I would no do it because I had a bad feeling ended up letting her around my daughter and now my daughter is hers almost.I am movin

    Answer by Anonymous at 10:40 PM on Feb. 21, 2010

  • well honestly you knew he had this mother before you married.

    Answer by Anonymous at 10:46 PM on Feb. 21, 2010

  • I have one of those. Before we got marriedI thought I won the inlaw jack pot but once that ink was dry..... MONSTER in LAW!!! When I got pregnant she went absolutly INSANE!!! Honestly I never really said much to my husband. I just let him read her emails and listen to her nasty to voicemails and he actually severed ties with her. Like literally he hasn't talked to her in close to a year. From what I hear she runs around and passes out pictures her daughter or niece post on thier facebooks of her granddaughter and acts like she is grandma of the year when in all reality I have voicemails and emails where she denies having a graddaughter and admits wanting nothing to do with her. Its pathietic and so is she. She has never met her nor will she EVER!!! Just don't say anything to him but inform him of the things she does and he'll nip it in the butt fast. just remember KARMA IS A BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Answer by Jillybeans24 at 11:08 PM on Feb. 21, 2010

  • Thanks for all your answers! sounds just like my life especially number 6 .... and to the ones who had the smart reply have you ever thought maybe she pretended to be nice and wasnt this way b4 we got married and if she was maybe she didnt show her true colors BUT i guess I am not alone but I think she will be the reason we end up getting a divorce!! unless she dies first (fingers crossed)!!

    Answer by Anonymous at 11:34 PM on Feb. 22, 2010