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Why do black people say" she acts white."

My child ( who is black) grew up in a predom. white neighborhood. In fact we were the only blacks in the area for 10 years.. until the Katrina Hurricane came along unfortunately....I'll explain in my second part later.

I know posting this is going to get some flack from many, but I want to know. My family is made up of all races. So I don't understand what, " acting white" means.
My child gets put down by the handful of only blacks in her school. She is told, " we don't like you because you act white." My child is sadden by this and doesn't know what to do. She has tried to behave in a manner to be like by them and she looked like an idiot, because it wasn't being herself. Now she has gone back to being herself and unaccepted by blacks because of it. Her white friends whom she has be around for years love her. Her white friends are like part of the family. What is acting white?


Asked by Godswk at 10:54 AM on Feb. 25, 2010 in Relationships

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Answers (4)
  • I am offended that people think white kids do not speak slang, wear their pants hanging off their butts. Most often they speak slang, wear pants off their butts at my childs school and they are white. Perhaps I will never understand.

    Answer by Godswk at 7:40 PM on Feb. 25, 2010

  • When I was in school I had black friends who were told they "act white". Meaning they didnt talk slang they didnt have their pants falling to their ankles. It's so silly how people judge people based on things like this. I also had white friends who "act black". Hopefully one day this kids realize how stupid this is and grow up!

    Answer by HannahLee87 at 11:03 AM on Feb. 25, 2010

  • wow that's kinda hard to explain. as i grew up i had a black friend that "acted white". she was the first to say it lol. i guess the only way i could explain it is, (not saying your dd is like this, i think some people definition of "acting white" is different) if you talked to my friend on the phone, you would have no idea that she was black unless she told you. she acted more like a "blonde", acted silly, would dress and talked appropriatly, didn't talk in "slang" or whatever they call it...i guess some people say that's how white's act, but in having friends of all races, i've seen "none whites", if you will, act like that. i wouldn't myself call that "acting white" (although i did when i was younger, but as you know, you grow wiser as you get older), it's just different personality.

    The media has shown that blacks act one way and whites another. kids go by that, and until they're older i don't think they'll understand

    Answer by Anonymous at 11:05 AM on Feb. 25, 2010

  • My youngest cousin has this problem. She's 12. White father, black mother.

    I think "acting black" or "acting white" is regional. For my aunt, getting a tan is a big no-no. My cousin got tanned when she came to stay the summer with my mom (who lives lake front), and my aunt nearly had kittens she was so upset. In the area where they live, it's socially unacceptable for dark skinned people to get darker. It's "acting white." My cousin also told my mom that she couldn't eat at the Mexican restaurant because "black people don't eat Mexican food, ever."

    So, that's what "acting white" is to my 12 year old cousin!

    Answer by ecodani at 11:19 AM on Feb. 25, 2010