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My DH's ex girlfriend posted a pic of them together.

I talk to my husbands ex from HS shes cool we have chatted thru FB, but today she decided to post a picture of him and her shes on his lap it kinda bothred me,but it was nice to see my DH in High school.

Should I ask her to take it off ?

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Asked by Anonymous at 4:16 PM on Feb. 25, 2010 in Relationships

Answers (13)
  • yes. disrespectful...but since you both talk she might have thought it was ok

    Answer by Anonymous at 4:18 PM on Feb. 25, 2010

  • what is in the past is in the past. . .if you two are friends try to let it go and trust that she is not going to go after ur DH. . . It might be bothersome, but it is still in the past, it has nothing to do with you and your DH now. GL

    Answer by Anonymous at 4:18 PM on Feb. 25, 2010

  • you know my DH still talks to his ex's and I talk to them as well. . . just because a pic is posted of them together doesn't mean anything. . . you should feel secure in the fact that he is yours! I felt insecure and uncomfortable at first when that happened with my DH but I got over it and enjoyed seeing his past. . . it is good to know their past to know them fully. . .even if it isn't so comfortable. . I mean lets face it, we don't want to think of our DH/SO with someone other then us right?!

    Answer by Kirs at 4:21 PM on Feb. 25, 2010

  • No - a) it's not your place and b) it would let her know that it bothers you.

    Answer by Anonymous at 4:21 PM on Feb. 25, 2010

  • Just let her know, it was fun to see him in high school, but not so fun to see another woman on your hubbys lab,so would she please take it off? I think she'll understand. ( In my oppinion she should have known better than to put up the pic. in the first place.)

    Answer by Nynne at 4:22 PM on Feb. 25, 2010

  • But then again, if she knows it bothers you, she may leave it up for that reason, and post more pics. Some women are like that, sadly.

    Answer by EvaSerenity at 4:36 PM on Feb. 25, 2010

  • i would ask her to remove it...thats the past and thats where it should reviving old memories or whatever..she should keep her photos to herself not post it for everyone to see

    Answer by Anonymous at 4:36 PM on Feb. 25, 2010

  • I wouldn't even bother saying anything to her. If she's doing it on purpose to upset you, and then you say something to her about it, she has accomplished her goal. If she did it just because she liked the picture and had no intention of upsetting you, then it's no big deal. My husband's ex has a pic up on her MySpace of her, him, and their daughter - after they split up, it's when we went back East to visit his family, and I don't care that it's up there. She still likes to pretend they are together (she's an odd one!). And she even got mad because when my hubby's daughter came out here to visit when we got married, we didn't take any pictures of just him and his daughter when they were all dressed up. I laughed it off because I knew she just wanted a nice pic of him and their daughter so she could post it and pretend they were still together. I don't know, I wouldn't let it bother me.

    Answer by TarLion at 4:39 PM on Feb. 25, 2010

  • And to add, heck, I even have a pic of my husband when he was just in his real early 20's, and the picture is him, his girlfriend at the time, their son, his two sisters, and their kids. I have the picture, it's mine as I got it from his dad. I don't care that his ex girlfriend and their son is in the pic, that was his life back then. I just wanted to see how hot my hubby was back then!

    Answer by TarLion at 4:41 PM on Feb. 25, 2010

  • First if it was in high school how long ago was high school? I personally have been out of high school 15 years and have several pictures of myself with ex boyfriends from high school and college. They are just pictures and nothing more. There are a few of them where I am friends with the now wife or something, but it's not a big deal. Now if it is was just 1-2 years ago or something like that then I might be upset.

    Answer by aeneva at 6:00 PM on Feb. 25, 2010

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