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For those moms who do smoke weed

There are alot of posts about this right now...and I just really want to know .....

Why smoke it ? Most of the posts from moms who say they do it, say its not addicting or then why do it? If your not addicted, why not stop... it's illegal, which means your kids can be taken away...Does that mean "feeling relaxed" is better than keeping you kids safe...



Asked by glamomomo at 1:48 AM on Feb. 27, 2010 in Just for Fun

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Answers (48)
  • Lets just agree to disagree, you have your views and I have mine.

    Answer by Anonymous at 3:42 AM on Feb. 27, 2010

  • I smoke to gain weight and sleep at night.... i'm depressed and it helps me remember to eat plus put me to bed! I'm NOT an all day smoker, not even a hit once a day smoker! I smoke when I am too high strung, after the kids are in bed and when I'm laying down to sleep (of course with some munchy food). Plus, where I am COPS buy it from my dealer! Illegal??! I think that depends on where you live!

    Answer by Anonymous at 1:52 AM on Feb. 27, 2010

  • Do you drink alcohol glamom? Just curious.

    Answer by Anonymous at 1:55 AM on Feb. 27, 2010

  • it is illegal..just because you have crappy cops there, doesnt mean cps is also buying from your dealer.

    Answer by glamomomo at 1:56 AM on Feb. 27, 2010

  • no I dont... I have tasted wine and champaigne (sp) ... but didnt like it

    I do actually hope that one day alcohol would be illegal too -- but I know it wont.

    Answer by glamomomo at 1:57 AM on Feb. 27, 2010

  • My MIL smokes it because she is dying of scorosis of the liver. She cant drink alcohol and smoking pot relaxes her. Shes been doing if for more then 4 years. No one thinks they are going to get caught so I dont think they are worried about losing their child. Anyways in my state you have to have more than an ounce before they will charge you . Otherwise they just give you a ticket. BUT for those moms who smoke to relax wouldn't buy an ounce. It would dry out before they could smoke it.

    Answer by armywife2009101 at 1:59 AM on Feb. 27, 2010

  • I don't smoke it I eat it and I have a perscription to do so. I think it's ignorant for people to look at it as crimanals when it's an all natural alternative to pain, anxiety, and depression meds. I have really bad anxiety because of a different health issue. I tried three different types of anxiety med on top of the pain meds for my other problem. I started getting sick to my stomach which caused my doctor to give me yet another medicine. I was always tired and unable to function. Now I take my marijuana in a glass of juice and don't have to take all the chemicals. I feel great and able to be a good mother ti my children.

    Answer by bugandsmiles at 2:00 AM on Feb. 27, 2010

  • Funny thing is its a plant and if god created everything, then he must of put it here for a reason, don't you think?

    Answer by Anonymous at 2:01 AM on Feb. 27, 2010

  • well you have a prescription, so you have an "excuse" , so your kids wouldnt be taken away

    but it doesnt matter if its a herb or just leaf .....the fact thats its illegal and could get your kdis taken away is my whole point.... I mean if watching tv was illegal wouldnt you stop doing that ...If something meant that your kids could be put in foster care, wouldnt you stop doing that thing -- especialy if it isnt addictive, like so mnay of you say ?

    Answer by glamomomo at 2:05 AM on Feb. 27, 2010

  • You CANNOT get addicted to pot, its not like cigarettes, there's nothing addicting about pot. It's better for you than any prescription drug, and have you honestly ever heard of ANYONE overdosing on pot? If you have, I want proof.

    Answer by Anonymous at 2:08 AM on Feb. 27, 2010