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Nothing is working with my 2 1/2 year old son!!! PLEASE HELP ME!

My two year old son is in my opinion, out of control. We have tried everything from time-outs to spanking. NOTHING is working. At the moment, We are putting him in his room everytime he gets into trouble and letting him cry it out. When he's done with his attitude, we explain to him why he was put in his room and it's done. He got in trouble just alittle bit ago and I put him in his room. He is screaming and has been in there for a good 20 minutes. I am being consistant and I don't know what else to do. PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD HELP A SISTA OUT!!! :)

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Asked by Jacki88 at 12:43 PM on Mar. 1, 2010 in Toddlers (1-2)

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  • Have you tried being calm with him? When they are acting up and we get "bent out of shape" too, they usually act worse. Maybe try giving him different activities to do to keep him busy and out of trouble.

    Answer by Anonymous at 12:49 PM on Mar. 1, 2010

  • I am trying to be calm with him now. I will admit that I have gotten 'bent out of shape' with him in the past. I'm trying my hardest to be calm and to try different methods. I will try the different activities so maybe he won't get in as much trouble. Thanks :)

    Answer by Jacki88 at 12:52 PM on Mar. 1, 2010

  • It sounds like it's possible that he needs more physical activity in an appropriate setting. Does he get outside enough, does he run around and really get that energy out. Sometimes when children misbehave and are out of control it's because they have too much energy or they need something to do. Try making up a game that involves a lot of activity and really get that energy applied to a more reasonable activity. Also, check his diet. Is he getting too much sugar? Is he acting out because he doesn't know how to tell you he's hungry or thirsty?

    Consistent discipline is important, but sometimes there are other causes behind a child's behavior issues namely: adequate exercise, sleep, and diet.

    Answer by beckcorc at 12:57 PM on Mar. 1, 2010

  • It sounds like you have only tried punishment. Pychologists know punishment doesn't work, it doesn't stop bad behavior or teach good behavior. It makes kids behavior worse, kids lie, sneak, hit, and resent their parents. It can create little monsters.

    Putting him in his room is taking you away, another form of punishment.

    Love & Limits is a great little toddler discipline book that focuses on problem solving. It is written by Elizabeth Crary. She has a website called Star Parenting. There is a nice parenting chart on the website you can print out for your fridge to get started. STAR stands for:

    S - Stop and focus
    T - Think of ideas
    A - Act effectively
    R - Review and revise

    Answer by Gailll at 1:01 PM on Mar. 1, 2010

  • I agree, He DOES need more physical activity. I so wish it wasn't as cold as it is where we live. I'm going to search the internet for games I can play with him inside and pray that spring will come soon because I do think that could be part of his proble.

    Answer by Jacki88 at 1:01 PM on Mar. 1, 2010

  • You poor woman, I have a 3 yr old who can be just as bad even with my consistency, I wonder are you spending time with him doing fun activities something that is quality time based, My son i find acts out when i am busy,on the phone, or on here...So i play with him as i do my house work or shop online or what ever i am doing i pause and take a few mins to tickle him or chase him through the house...Sad thing is no child comes with a owners manual so you have to wing it i have 4 boys and it gets very challenging at times. My best advice to you is do mommy and me time. No child ever died from to many hugs or kisses...this all could be just a acting out for attention...I hope this has helped you in some of luck to you

    Answer by Mom4life1015 at 1:03 PM on Mar. 1, 2010

  • I have the same almost 2-1/2 year old.. He is "strong willed" and throwing major fits over and over- Not all of us can follow Gaiill's wisdom and I am reading a book about strong willed children and the research done with these types of kids seems to be that they will always test and always have to learn the hard way so you need to expect everything to be a challenge ... I am not very far yet in the book but I do have a 2-1/2 year old testing me with everything and ending up in his room screaming until he can't scream any longer,.. well, that means until I end up going in there and talking to him calmly.. I was / am at a loss of what to do because my yelling and punshiments are completely ineffective and I found myself constantly frustrated and that has lead me to books AGAIN... good luck mommy...

    Answer by maxsmom11807 at 1:09 PM on Mar. 1, 2010

  • Ps. I love the advice of more activity and more attention.. it certainly cannot hurt. I know we have a community center that has a playground you can play in for $3 each visit or get a season pass, I take my son on errands and to the mall - scenery and they have a play place at the mall too - we also take walks but I live in MN so Its cold here right now too...
    however, most days regardless of what excersize or activiies he gets to do, he will still then test me on getting dressed or picking up toys or eating... I feel your pain mommy.. its not easy..

    Answer by maxsmom11807 at 1:14 PM on Mar. 1, 2010

  • No, I am taking him away from the situation Gaiill. I do believe a child should have some sort of punishment if they are behaving badly. Not one method of parenting will work on every child. Thanks for your advice though.

    Answer by Jacki88 at 1:22 PM on Mar. 1, 2010

  • I like this indoor game:

    Get a bunch of old balled up socks and an empty laundry basket. Put the basket in the center of the room. You and your toddler both try to throw the socks into the basket. Yell something silly when you make a basket. He'll have fun running around chasing the balled up socks and throwing them around.

    Another good indoor game:

    Pick a toy. Show it to your son. Then Hide it and he has to find it. Don't hide it too well or he won't find it!

    Answer by beckcorc at 1:30 PM on Mar. 1, 2010

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