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Hi! I've been potty training my son since September. He only goes when I take him. He is 3 years old and has a speech delay. I have to say pee pee or pot pot. And he'll say it back. Im trying to get to the point where he can say it and go on his own. Any suggestions on how I can do this???? And when should I try big boy underwear on him because he is still in pull ups??

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Asked by CBMama06 at 1:44 PM on Mar. 1, 2010 in Preschoolers (3-4)

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  • I started potty training my son when he was about a year, and now I am on my second kid and realize that was way too early, he is 3 and a half now and completly potty trained all night with big boy undies, we started him out peeing out side, we do live in the sticks and have a big yard, but we started with him peeing on trees and bushes and be clear you dont poop on trees too haha. I had to remind him all the time and had many accidents along the way, don't rush it he will get it and you will find your groove with it. You just need to find what he likes, or I would put cheerios in the toilet and try to make him pee on it, boys think its the funniest thing ever to pee on things. Probably stick with pull ups at night until he get it down and practice in underwear during the day and if an accident happens just remind him about the potty. Good Luck!!!

    Answer by emleejanedom at 5:45 PM on Mar. 1, 2010

  • My oldest had speach delay, we where in pull ups for ever. Finally on his 4th B-Day we just put him in undies and said that is it had a good buy party and he hated the feel and was potty trained in 2 weeks. My third child was totaly different. He was fine with the feel didn't care about whereing diapers. So when money got tight, I told hime at 3 1/2 he had no choices, we went to big boy undies. After a month of accedents everyday, I sat him down and tried to explain how to hold our pee in and he said "Oh OK." That was it. I never explained how to do it. Go figure. Hope it works for you!

    Answer by carrie4kids at 9:19 PM on Mar. 1, 2010

  • @ emleejanedom: Thanks for the advice. You are actually like the third person who told me about letting him be free. I have also heard many parents talk about the cheerios. LOL..I havent tried that. But Im gonna try the undies at day and pull ups at night. Thanks for the best wishes. Ill let you know how it goes.

    @ carrie4kids: Thanks for the advice. I tried the undies for a day awhile ago he did okay and then he pooped in them.. I was so frustrated b/c I had just took him off the potty. But Im about to try the undies during the day method..Thanks soo much!

    Answer by CBMama06 at 11:57 AM on Mar. 2, 2010

  • I am going through the exact same thing with my 3 yr old. So many said "don't push him, he'll do it when he's ready." But, I'm tired of changing diapers and I KNOW he can do this. I'm having visions of him being the only kindergartener in pull ups. lol We've tried underwear, and he hates to get them wet. Pull ups are just another diaper to him, it seems.
    He has absolutely NO interest in taking a break from playing to go pee and has yet to poop in the potty at all. So far, he will pee(I'm floating a square of TP and telling him to sink it, which he seems to think is pretty fun), but only if I remind him and set a timer for every 20 minutes. I'm also using a reward system using a chart I found at Staples. I can't tell you how well all of this is going to work as it's only day 2. You are not alone in your struggle. Hang tough and let's think of how many shoes we can buy with the $ saved from buying diapers! lol

    Answer by JawgaMom1 at 4:14 PM on Mar. 2, 2010

  • @ JawgaMom1: LOL! Oh goodness.. Well I guess at least you are not alone. People told me not to push him either..And I listened. But I can say that it is slowly getting better. (I may just need to learn some patience). But yeah Cam gets the same way. Unless I say pee pee thats when he'll go in there. I cant wait until he goes on his own..But im going to look into that reward chart system. Sounds great!! And yes I myself have come to the point where I have to set a timer also.

    And yes the quicker he gets potty trained the more shoes and hair appts I can make ;) HAHA!

    Answer by CBMama06 at 5:12 PM on Mar. 2, 2010

  • I started training my daughter when she was two years and it was not going well. i finally broke down and bought a potty training book. I cant tell you the name of it but i will tell you what it said to do. get a chart and some stickers. Create a potty chart. Whenever he goes to the potty he gets to put a sticker on the chart. HE needs to put the sticker on there not you. Pick an amount of time. We went with when she fills in one line. He will get a small prize like a toy car or something like that. We then told her that if she filled in the entire chart she would get a really special prize. We took her to the zoo because she loves animals. She was potty trained within a month. I told my cousin about it and she tried it on her little boy and it worked for him also. Maybe it will work for you too.

    Answer by MOMofK3C0 at 11:06 PM on Mar. 2, 2010

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