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My SIL is going for a choice induction because she doesnt want the baby to be born too close to her sons birthday. 1st I am glad that my doctor would never go along with that bs, and I think she is being entirely tooo selfish. Anyone else feel the same or would do something like this?

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Asked by Anonymous at 11:35 AM on Mar. 2, 2010 in General Parenting

Answers (8)
  • I'm surprised she's even able to choose that option, unless she's going to be induced after her 39th week. The American Academy of Obstetrics & Gynecology recommended in 2009 that, due to the increase of complications in near-term births (babies born at 37 or 38 weeks) via induction for convenience or elective c-sections for convenience, hospitals should be monitored more closely beginning this spring. The hope is that this will cut down on the number of babies needing special care that could have been avoided if the mother/doctor had waited until 39 weeks gestation.

    Answer by D.Mary at 11:41 AM on Mar. 2, 2010

  • With my first I was induced at 41 1/2 weeks due to low amniotic fluid. With my second I was induced on my due date (with permission) which was 5 days after my first sons birthday. I asked to be induced because I felt that I was ready. My husband works far away and I wanted him to be there, and also we needed to make sure our son would be taken care of while I was in the hospital. If the doctors felt it was too early I would have agreed to wait. With this baby I plan to request an induction on or within a week after my due date. My husband is still working far away and we'll need to make sure our two children are going to have a place to be. This is what I feel is best for my family, which may be how she feels. If her doctor didn't feel it was the right time they wouldn't allow it to happen.

    Answer by SabrinaLC at 11:42 AM on Mar. 2, 2010

  • anytime a baby is "forced" out, BY CHOICE (not by a REAL medical reason) it is ENTIRELY selfish, no matter the reasoning. and saddening to me.
    babies WILL come when they're ready. they just need that option!


    Answer by carliemarie1015 at 12:07 PM on Mar. 2, 2010

  • I'm normally not supportive of being induced for a non-medical reason or being quite a bit over due.

    Though I'll be honest, and totally understand my neighbor scheduling an induction right around her due date so her husband can be there. He's in the military, and will be on deployed time, and actually managed to get 2 days leave to be there for the labor.

    Answer by Anonymous at 12:22 PM on Mar. 2, 2010

  • I'm surprised her dr will go along with it. Are you sure that there isn't another reason and it just coincidentally turned out to work that way? I don't think it's a particularly smart thing to do, but as long as it's at 38 or 39 weeks the baby most likely won't have any ill effects.

    Answer by missanc at 12:37 PM on Mar. 2, 2010

  • I agree with you. I reluctantly agreed to induction at 39w6d, even though I felt that my DS wasn't quite done cooking yet, (which, yes, I know is "full term") and had a long, painful labor, with intervention followed by intervention, and ended up in c section about 24 hrs later. I do regret it, and wouldn't advise induction unless there is a true medical need.

    Answer by Krysta622 at 1:20 PM on Mar. 2, 2010

  • Editing my answer above: It should read, "American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology." (ACOG) I guess I have the upcoming Oscar awards on the brain! :)

    Answer by D.Mary at 1:23 PM on Mar. 2, 2010

  • OP HERE---there is no medical reason, except she doesnt want to be preggo and she doesnt want it born on her sons bday, which is 2 weeks after her due date!

    Answer by Anonymous at 2:43 PM on Mar. 2, 2010

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