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What chores can i get my school going adult children to do without feeling guilty?

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Asked by lindaAnnMarie at 7:40 PM on Mar. 3, 2010 in Adult Children (18+)

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Answers (13)
  • why in the world should YOU feel guilty???

    Answer by Anonymous at 7:42 PM on Mar. 3, 2010

  • Why should you feel guilty about them pulling their weight around the house? Tell them to do whatever you want. I'm an adult going to school living in my parent's house and you can bet your ass I help with dishes, cooking, cleaning clutter, sweeping, and laundry.

    Answer by Anonymous at 7:53 PM on Mar. 3, 2010

  • You should feel guilty for NOT making them commit to chores!!!!!!!!! As I told my 20 year old daughter, these chores are your CONTRIBUTION TO OUR HOUSEHOLD. I pay all the bills and do chores, so you must contribute to the household by helping out. It's called RESPECT.

    The chores should be whatever you see fit..... My daughter was required to clean the kitchen/load dishwasher EVERY DAY. She was also expected to behave respectfully with at least a small amount of gratitude.

    When she followed through on NONE Of the above, I kicked her out to make her realize what it means to have to take care of herself and GROW UP.

    Answer by TLALONDE16 at 7:55 PM on Mar. 3, 2010

  • I have 3 kids, two in their twenties and one a teen. Just now one is moving out, my oldest 25 years old. I used him many times as an adult to take his youngest sister to school and pick her up, mow the lawn, shovel out of snowstorms and shovel out neighbors too. I never at all felt guilty about it.

    WHY do you feel guilty, what have your kids blackmailed you with?

    Answer by lfl at 7:55 PM on Mar. 3, 2010

  • Any and all, they are members of the household and unless they are paying a maid fee, they should be contributing to your household. They should do their own laundry, pick up after themselves, keep themselves, keep their rooms clean, scrub the bathroom they use, help with dishes, help with dinners...

    Answer by twinsplus2more at 7:45 AM on Mar. 4, 2010

  • Now, I wrote what I wrote this morning on my ipod...hard to type on that keyboard. BUT I have 20 yr old twins that are completely expected to be members of the household with chores. They scrub the upstairs bathroom, they clean their rooms, they wash their own clothes. We have 4 children 20,20,15, and almost 13.....they are responsible for loading and unloading the dishwasher every night after dinner. They are responsible for clearing the table after dinner. They are responsible for straightening the 2 family rooms they are in most (living room and dining room). They are responsible for feeding the pets, taking out garbage and recycling.
    Just remember that no matter what the age, they are members of the family and should have responsibilities. My 60 yr old Uncle lived at home after he got home from Nam. and contributed time, chores, and money to the household til my grandmother died leaving him the house.

    Answer by twinsplus2more at 10:42 AM on Mar. 4, 2010

  • I agree with the others. Why are you feeling guilty? If they are living in YOUR house then it should not be an issue.

    Answer by usanamama at 5:56 PM on Mar. 4, 2010

  • I'm with the rest of the ladies. My son pays rent and does chores. Nothing to feel guilty about :o) As long as they are still in the house they still have to do their share of the upkeep. Even tough they are older we're still teaching them and chores are something they are always going to have to do . . . you don't need to feel guilty for being a good mom.

    Answer by qwietpleez at 9:39 PM on Mar. 4, 2010

  • Why should you feel guilty about making your kids, even if they ARE adults, work around YOUR house? If they were living on their own, they'd have to do more than what you're asking them to do.

    Answer by Bethsunshine at 8:14 AM on Mar. 5, 2010

  • I treated mine like room mates. I expected them to clean up after themselves, do their own laundry and we traded off days to cook dinner.

    Answer by admckenzie at 11:48 AM on Mar. 6, 2010

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