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Can a child be so constipated that they vomit?

Say, vomit once in the morning, but feel sick off and on during the day. And squirt when farting? I know this is gross, but I am at a loss. And I am really worried.

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Asked by Anonymous at 10:55 PM on Mar. 6, 2010 in Kids' Health

Answers (7)
  • Take the child to a doctor immediately! My friend's baby once did this, and the puke was greenish- well, it was BILE! They had a blocked ileas and it could have gotten very serious very quickly.

    How long has he/she been constipated? How old are they? Is there a fever?

    Answer by LittleWeloosMom at 11:57 PM on Mar. 6, 2010

  • yes they can. it can actually be very serious. my DS would push and scream every time he had to poop and nothing would come out. he would have such hard bowel movemnts that he would get a fisher ( i think i spelt it wrong but its a tear on his butthole) .. i finally got a drs appt and they gave him some meds and stil nothing happend.. they finally had to go in and actually removed all the built up poop. his stomach was so hard and after they removed it, it was soft and he actually lost 3 lbs. i found out it was from him drinking regular formula once i switched him to Soy he was fine.

    Answer by Anonymous at 2:06 AM on Mar. 7, 2010

  • This has happened to my daughter. She had been constipated for a few days, which was nothing new for her. She threw up several times in one day. She didn't have a fever and never complained about feeling sick. Once she pooped, she was all better. Thankfully it has only happened once.

    Answer by lovinmystar at 2:13 AM on Mar. 7, 2010

  • He's 11, and he has only thrown up in the mornings. He is better now, back to normal.

    Answer by Anonymous at 8:14 PM on Mar. 7, 2010

  • yup. Give him some fiber & lots of fluids.

    Answer by motherofhope98 at 8:19 AM on Mar. 8, 2010

  • yes that child needs to be seen n ow. If the constipation is bad enough it may have caused a bowel obstruction an yes-they'll get the squirts and be vomiting.

    Answer by pagirl71 at 9:09 AM on Mar. 8, 2010

  • He has an appointment this afternoon. He is feeling better, but he still hasn't had a normal bowl movement. I really think this is what it is. Although, he had an xray last week of his back. Wouldn't that have shown something? IDK. I know they show hard things, like bones. But we will find out today. I am worried about what we will do about it. He does have school, and testing all week. But he needs to get better. Good thing his new teacher is good about working with us.

    Answer by Anonymous at 12:22 PM on Mar. 8, 2010

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