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for those of you who have experienced it?

Have you ever been cheated on? Did you know it was happening before you "found out" like a gut feeling? I feel like my fiance may be cheating and I dont know how to find out? Anyone out there have any ideas on how i can get to the bottom of it..

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Asked by Anonymous at 10:23 PM on Mar. 7, 2010 in Relationships

Answers (11)
  • I have been and the information came via dreams. Really clear dreams. I could see faces and scenarios etc.

    I do not want you to fear it if he isn't but if he is you need to know. It will drive you insane.

    Hugs and here is to GREAT LOVE for you!

    Answer by SFerber at 10:32 PM on Mar. 7, 2010

  • I found out by going through my husbands phone. He had deleted the text messages previously from one person yet the number showed up in "recent history" day he forgot to erase.

    Answer by Anonymous at 10:40 PM on Mar. 7, 2010

  • I hate to say it but almost every guy I have dated since I was 16 has cheated on me except 1. I never knew it was going on until they told me what they did. I had never had any reason to not trust them to suspect it but as soon as I found out they were gone. Except with my ex husband. I kinda grew suspicious when he got his own cell phone and got a text while he was sleeping from some number. Shortly after that he admitted he was sleeping with someone else and left me and our 2 kids.

    Answer by Anonymous at 10:53 PM on Mar. 7, 2010

  • Internet...It screws every guy over possible. Get ahold of his phone records and the internet. I'm not saying this is the right thing to do, but there are two ways this could go. 1) You straight up ask him if he is. If he is, he will most likely deny it but realize you're on to him and start REALLY hiding things. 2) You just take the time to go through his shit and if you find something, show him the proof and ask him what the hell is going on so he CAN'T deny it.

    You could possibly find nothing, then you just move on with your life until you get the guts to just ask so you don't go crazy.

    My SO cheated [sorta] I take this term relatively lightly. While i was pregnant he was talking to other girls saying he'd date them and they were pretty, blah blah blah, snuck around to see one of them...but to my knowledge nothing ever happened physically, but everything that did happen showed up on the computer.

    Answer by LogansMama09 at 10:58 PM on Mar. 7, 2010

  • Found out through a text message.

    Answer by Anonymous at 11:15 PM on Mar. 7, 2010

  • I found out when my x's gf called me to tell me she had his kid.

    Answer by admckenzie at 12:15 AM on Mar. 8, 2010

  • Find a woman you know who is pretty, then ask her to go to a place you know your s/o will be at and have her flirt with him and see where it goes. I did this with my 1st husband. Here is what I did
    I asked a friend of a friend to go to a bar in town, gave her money for a drink and she was up for some fun to see what would happen...Then told my DH that he should go out for a beer and relax, he was more then happy too! I also told him to go to the local bar and bring home a pizza, because i was craving one from that speccific place.
    He leaves comes back in 2 hours with food.
    3 hours later my friend calls with her friend on the other line. she said my husband is very commited and talk to her and everything and when she came on to him he said he had a wife and needed to get home. so I felt better about him after that.

    Answer by Anonymous at 2:02 AM on Mar. 8, 2010

  • Yes- i was cheated on. I did have a gut feeling. My stomach kept turning, but be careful its not always the gut feeling. I sometimes now get my nerves so worked up that it does it to me. Figure it out. There is a group on here to help you. I was part of that group, they have great info for you.

    Answer by Anonymous at 9:53 AM on Mar. 8, 2010

  • Well my first marriage was good but then he started to hang out with this single guy that had money and was always asking him to go out so he would anyway long story short my dh met a girl and they had been seeing eachother for a whole year before I found out...anyway I was confused I gave him another chance bc I loved him anyway he messed up again so I left him but as far has my feelings I felt like a loved one had died only it was my marriage to him had died. So of course I was very hurt and cried for 2 days but picked myself up and started jogging ever since now I have a wonderful man and two beautiful kids. So if something happening to you don't worry it will soon come out and if he is cheating don't worry God has a special person waiting for you to someone who would appreciate you for you and your kids if you have any :) Good Luch and God Bless!!!


    Answer by Butterfly1108 at 10:18 AM on Mar. 8, 2010

  • i was cheated on and had no clue, found and old email from a month before.. you could go through his stuff if you want like others suggested, but honestly if you think he is cheating on you then the trust is already gone.. if he said he was not would you believe him? Basically you do not trust him, wont ask him and want to see if you can prove that he is,.. a bad place to be..

    you can ask him, and ask to see his phone emails ect and see what he does and if he tried to hide it.. but i see a no win situation and i am sorry for what you are going through. I personally would give him a chance to come clean or to defend himself.. that is me though. but he may try to hide it more.. only you know if he would lie to your face..

    Answer by TaiM at 12:21 PM on Mar. 8, 2010

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