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Have you ever given blood?

Does it hurt? My mom was a regular blood donor until about 5 months before she had to have open heart surgery. Well, she died in April of last year. I've always been afraid to give blood. ...I'm not really so worried it will hurt. I'm more worried that it will make me sick or dizzy or something. And do they test you for anemia before you give blood?

anyways, i'm wondering about all this because her birthday is on the 28th and it just so happens that there will be a blood drive that day. And i'm seriously considering doing it ...but i guess i'm a little chicken.


Asked by outstandingLove at 4:02 PM on Mar. 10, 2010 in Just for Fun

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Answers (33)
  • I've given blood twice and have had countless blood drawn for different medical reasons. I have REALLY small veins that don't cooperate, so more than half the time I have to get stuck twice to get anything (the record is 5 before the nurse gave up).

    Once the needle is in, there's no pain.

    Answer by anng.atlanta at 4:25 PM on Mar. 10, 2010

  • No - I've been to test for it several times, but they always turn me down because my iron levels are too low. My dh gives blood as many times/year as they let him - he's a universal donor (O), so they love him!

    Answer by missanc at 4:04 PM on Mar. 10, 2010

  • It really doesn't hurt but the needle is bigger than that you would normally see. If I do remember right they dop test for anemia.

    Answer by justluvinmyson at 4:04 PM on Mar. 10, 2010

  • They test for the iron in your blood.....they drop a drop of blood in some liquid and if it drops to the bottom your good to go, if not, you have low blood iron.
    It pricks like any other needle...and you sit there. Just be sure you have something to eat before you go, and you get held after for about 15 min to make sure you don't get dizzy etc.
    It's not that bad...I was a regular blood donor until I started having kids!

    Answer by sandypops at 4:08 PM on Mar. 10, 2010

  • I was, in the past, under the weight limit and then carried mono in my system. I haven't looked into it in many years. My Mom gives blood every year. She says it doesn't hurt.

    Answer by Anonymous at 4:08 PM on Mar. 10, 2010

  • ive never been alllowed to. my blood pressure has always been on a lower side and your stats have to basically be perfect to donate. I've tried many times b/c I took a coarse in school in my medical studies that would volunteer every year to host a blood drive and red cross would come, etc. Never did anyone pass out or feel bad. We always offered a snack and juice to the doners right after to make sure their sugar levels, etc were ok

    Answer by Anonymous at 4:09 PM on Mar. 10, 2010

  • It really doesn't hurt but when I gav blood I did get sick. I felt dizzy and light headed from it and had to lay down and eat a twinkie and drink some orange juice. I later found out that was because I had low blood iron and anemic. So I don't give blood anymore but wish that I could!

    Answer by kimberlyinberea at 4:11 PM on Mar. 10, 2010

  • Yes I donate, But haven't since I had my two youngest kids. It doesn't really hurt. I mean it pinches, but it is tolerable. Do make sure you eat before hand and sit still while you are there after they take the needle out, and eat the snack they provide.

    Answer by SleepingBeautee at 4:28 PM on Mar. 10, 2010

  • It just pinches a little when they put the needle in, but other than that, I wouldn't say it hurts.... I've donated several times, but they don't like my blood (I'm AB+, pretty rare). They persuaded me once to donate plasma, but that seriously made me sick as a dog for the rest of the day. It's like giving blood, except they take it out, run it through some centrifuge thing, pump it back in, take it back out, etc. Three times in a row. Not sure I want to do that again any time soon...

    Answer by Anouck at 4:37 PM on Mar. 10, 2010

  • I did once, it wasn't bad. I'm terrified of needles, so I couldn't look at it, but it didn't hurt that bad. A bit uncomfortable but not torture. I didn't get dizzy or sick, but they do give you a snack after, and you're not allowed to move very much after just in case.

    Answer by flitpixie at 4:37 PM on Mar. 10, 2010