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How do you take care of 5 boys, 2 dogs, and yourself without help for a week?

My husband is going to Kansas city and leaving me with the whole circus for the first time since my youngest was born. I have a 7 month old, 2 20 month olds, a 4 year old, and a 9 year old. What in the world am I gonna do without a car and 5 boys?

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Asked by anna_ny at 1:56 AM on Mar. 12, 2010 in General Parenting

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Answers (25)
  • a lot of prayer!!!

    Answer by Anonymous at 1:58 AM on Mar. 12, 2010

  • I'll pray for you. I take care of 3 boys, one 4month old, one dog, bunny and cat for 6-7 weeks with no help so i can kinda see where your coming from.. Good luck mommy.

    Answer by 4xsthetrouble at 2:01 AM on Mar. 12, 2010

  • you need a great schedule...plan walks with the dogs or get into a play group. Maybe friends or family can help. Good luck

    Answer by momx3gx1b at 5:55 AM on Mar. 12, 2010

  • Wow! That's tough. I have 2 boys - 3 and 7 months and 1 bulldog (so he counts for 2 because he's such a messy dog). My husband travels ALL the time for business and usually out of the country. And we have NO family that lives near by. I know you're dealing with a bit more than me but what I usually do is try to stay super scheduled. And remember it's only 1 week so even if it's a disaster there is an end in sight :) Why wont you have a car?

    Answer by Kimposible at 6:22 AM on Mar. 12, 2010

  • Scheduling. And breathing exercising. Give them things to do, and have the oldest help you. Have the 4 year old help,too. I have an 8 year old, an 11 year old, and a 13 year old. 13 year old is special needs, 11 year old is ADHD with Aspbergers, 8 year old is a handful. We have 2 cats and a dog. My husband will be home in about 3 weeks. He has been gone for a year. It's been hard, but be thankful yours will only be gone for a week.
    I have to second the 'why won't you have a car???'

    Answer by Raine2001 at 7:20 AM on Mar. 12, 2010

  • You just do it. I have 4 sons with a 5 years sspace between the 1st and 4th. When I had the 1st 3 he was in the military and I was home alone, without a car and without family nearby for days on end. He went out to sea when our 1st was a montth old and he left for the field when our 3rd was 2 weeks old and I had C-Sections with both. And then from the time my 4th was born (when my oldest was 5) until my oldest was 11 my husband was out of the military and working 18-20 hours a day 6-7 days a week. When my 4th was born 9also a C-Section) my husband couldn't even take a daay off from work. I had no car at home, we only had 1 and my husband left so early every day that packing up fpur children at 3-4a to take him to work wasn't an option. You, quite frankly, suck it up. You will be fine. Don't stress about it. You'll get up every morning and you'll do what you have to do because it needs done. It's only a week.

    Answer by Anonymous at 7:52 AM on Mar. 12, 2010

  • I would imaagine hat her husband is taking their car which would leave her without one while he's gone.

    Answer by Anonymous at 7:54 AM on Mar. 12, 2010

  • If it was me...the DVD player would be put into overuse.
    I was left for over a month with 4 kids (ages 1, 4, 5 and 6) plus 2 puppies that weren't house broken and a car that barely ran so I was afraid to drive it.

    Now I'm expecting my husband to move across the country in a month or so leaving me with the 4 kids (now 4, 7, 8 and 9) plus I'm due in July with the last one. No puppies, though. We won't be back together until after the baby is born most likely (just random visits from him in that time). This time I won't have a car.

    Every time I've been left on my own I've muddled through. I just did what had to be done and slept when the kids would let me, lol (that's where the DVD player came in handy). Also the older kids have responsibilities and help me with the house and the younger kids. That goes all the's just part of the way I'm raising them.

    Answer by justanotherjen at 8:06 AM on Mar. 12, 2010

  • If you have a nice day go for a walk, have everyone look for signs of spring. Use a carrier for the baby and put the twins in the stroller. Let the 4 year old and 9 year old walk ahead a bit and bring things back for the baby and twins to see. That could kill a few hours in one day. The rest of the time, pray and play a lot.

    Answer by PeytonNBella at 8:25 AM on Mar. 12, 2010

  • take lots of pictures and videos because they wont be little long. and breakfast at 8 lunch at noon naptime at 2 and bedtime between 7-9pm. sleep when they sleep and try out local parks. take care of you first and dont be afraid to tell them mommy needs a time out. vent on cafe mom lol!

    Answer by Stinkymama at 8:39 AM on Mar. 12, 2010

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