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The one story ALL moms LOVE to tell!!!

I wanna know how your labor went?!

How long? How grusome? How amazing?

What was it like when they placed your bundle of joy on your chest?

Who cut the chord?!

All the juicy details, no pun intended! :)

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Asked by Anonymous at 8:47 PM on Sep. 19, 2008 in Just for Fun

Answers (21)
  • My labors were short. The first one I wasn't even aware had started until I woke up. I got to the hospital at 7:30 because I had bloody show. Started contractions on the way and had my baby girl by 9:10! No time for anesthesia!

    The second one I thought I might be in labor, no contractions at the doctor's office. They told me to go home. My hubby said no way. We walked across the street the hospital. I got in the bed at 12:45 and baby girl number two was born at 1:31. No epidural for that one even though I wanted one.

    My husband and their Daddy cut the chords! First baby was on my chest after she was wrapped in a blanket. I thought "Now what am I going to do?" The second one was there right after birth! Warm and love right there on my belly! That was the best!

    Answer by manna1qd at 8:54 PM on Sep. 19, 2008

  • Well I will tell my first b/c its a lot you will see...... :)

    I stood up and felt like I peed on myself a little.....and wondered "'ok....did I pee on myself or what....then a few minutes later I did it again...and again and again....until I needed a serious pad. I had a Dr's appointment that day anyways so I waited and went the time I got there I had wet my pants....that was fun :)

    Dr examined me and of course I had a large tear in my sack which is why it did not complely rupture everywhere.....So at the hospital cramps just got worse....until I begged for an epi at 4 the was WONDERFUL! the Drs put me on antibiotics b/c my group B strep test had not come back to be on the safe side....

    Answer by mom2twobabes at 8:54 PM on Sep. 19, 2008

  • Cont: When the antibiotics kicked in I began lovely diareah......I told the nurse who did not believe me until I crapped all over myself.....about 4 times....I couldnt move so she had to clean me every time..... THat was extra then I began to have very low blood pressure and they almost took me to OR but it came back up just in time for me to vomit.....A LOT......after that I began to have the SHAKES which hurt worse than the entire labor combined.....I dont know if I have ever been in that much pain before BAD BAD AND Nurse came in to was coming out......DR RAN in .......and caught baby.....1 push......felt much better!!!! No pain afterwards.....CUTE BABY!!!!

    Answer by mom2twobabes at 8:58 PM on Sep. 19, 2008

  • hahahahaha omg Mom2two AMAZING story, damn ONE push! after EVERY possible bodily function could happen haha

    Answer by Anonymous at 9:01 PM on Sep. 19, 2008

  • Yeah....I was wondering at that point if I had any other holes that anything would like to shoot from.... :)

    Answer by mom2twobabes at 9:03 PM on Sep. 19, 2008

  • My labor was long...50 hours. I was induced due to toxemia and after 24 hours of hard contractions with almost no progress they broke my water while I was only dilated to about 1 1/2 cm...I went almost another full day without progress and since my water had been broken they threatened c-section. I asked for an epidural at hour 47 and they said it would slow down my progress (how much could it slow it down!) Well, I think I had been fighting my contractions out of pain because after my epidural I was checked at 10pm and was still at 1-2 10:30 I called the nurse in and told her I felt like I was pooping and couldn't stop myself...I had a baby coming out! I hollered to get my doctor in the room because I HAD TO PUSH!!!! When he got there he said "push" and I said "I can't push a baby out of my vagina!" like I was shocked he'd ask! After an hour of pushing I had my 5lbs 12oz 18inch baby girl!

    Answer by kabbot01 at 9:08 PM on Sep. 19, 2008

  • started contractions around 8 pm, stayed home til about 8 the next morning, having not slept at all, tried to go natural, but around 8 pm that night I caved and got a epidural. around midnight I started pushing and three hours later she was out!

    Answer by amyofthejungle at 9:11 PM on Sep. 19, 2008

  • I'll tell my first one too...

    I was laying in bed and i felt a warm liquid everywhere. It was kinda yellow so i thought well maybe i peed on myself and didn't realize it. I was 34wksand 5days so i didnt think it was my water until when i got up to clean up it happened again. I was 17 and didnt live at home so i called my mom. she told me to go to the hospital that it probably my water....

    ....when i got to the hospital they checked me and sure enough it was my water. but the contractions were few and far between. and my cervix hadn't opened any yet. well being only 34 wks they decided that they wanted to keep him in me as long as possible. so i was given antibiotics to prevent infection. and had to stay in bed. when i got to the hospital it was 11:34 pm....


    Answer by edgpag at 9:16 PM on Sep. 19, 2008

  • .....that was sunday. on monday at around 5pm the doctor came un and told me that hewas going to give me med to speed up contractions. boy did it they came at 1 min apart they had me on that med for 24 hours....

    ....on tuesday they said they couldn't give me the med any longer so they took me off it. i had only dialated to a 3. and he hadn't moved down any either...

    .... i stayed like that until wednesday. they came in and told me they had no choice but to do a c-sec. oh i did it all without pain med un til they preped me for c-sec i had him at 2:48 wednesday afternoon....

    .....thats 63 hours....

    ....i didn't getto see him though he couldnt breath so they took him right away. he spent 2 wks in nicu. now he is 2 yrs old and is a normal 2 yr old little boy..

    Answer by edgpag at 9:24 PM on Sep. 19, 2008

  • I'd never got in a labor. Any higher dosage of drugs (to dialate) stressed the baby, when I got epidural it stopped working on one side after couple hours and no signs of my baby boy wanting to come out. We've decided for C-section. The anesthesia didn't work either. My doctor touched me with her scalpel and I moved my leg......I had to get general anestesia, my husband was kicked out of the room. Who cut the cord??? I don't know, I wasn't there till an hour later sick as a dog.
    Then I saw my son and none of the previous drama mattered.

    Answer by kakamilka at 9:36 PM on Sep. 19, 2008

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