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Have you ever hit your child out of anger?

Just curious how many will say yes...

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Asked by Anonymous at 12:21 PM on Mar. 16, 2010 in General Parenting

Answers (14)
  • There might have been a time when I whipped him and I was angry( he had a diaper on). As for hitting them like in his face or somewhere on his body other than his butt I have never done this. My mom did slap me across the face when I was little. I think I dumped the milk or something....Anyways, I only recall her hitting me once when she was mad.

    Answer by armywife2009101 at 12:25 PM on Mar. 16, 2010

  • i am angry when she mis-behaves, but does that mean i beat her, no. i honestly only give her a spanking when time out doesnt work. and 99% of the time, it does.

    Answer by mrsjosey1018200 at 12:29 PM on Mar. 16, 2010

  • NEVER!!!! And if I ever did then I would be worried about my self. Now as far as yelling out of anger at my little boy yes that does happen sometimes not often but it doese happen and I tell him mommy was wrong and that Im sorry for yelling at him.

    Answer by LANDENSMOMMYlmk at 12:35 PM on Mar. 16, 2010

  • I have spanked when angry. I have given a pop on the mouth when his mouth overrides him. Nothing too extreme though and the spankinig didn't even make him cry.

    Answer by BradenIsMySon at 12:45 PM on Mar. 16, 2010

  • I guess I am going to be the odd one out but I have spanked my kids when I am angry but not because I was angry. There has to be a good reason to spank my kids. My dh, on the other hand, has a horrible he has. That's the time that I usually go after him for it.

    Answer by flessard at 12:49 PM on Mar. 16, 2010

  • Hit? No. Moved her a little too roughly back into bed or things like that... unfortunately, yes.

    Answer by EmilySusan at 1:11 PM on Mar. 16, 2010

  • I have never hit a child in anger or otherwise, do not beleive in violence as a form of discipline either.

    Answer by older at 1:27 PM on Mar. 16, 2010

  • I try to avoid spanking in general so that I don't accidentally do that. I am so very afraid of letting my emotions get the best of me for a split second (even though I would never purposefully hurt my child).

    I have gotten rougher in general with my child if he is not cooperating with me (for instance, throwing a tantrum at the grocery store and pulling him up to leave or something like that).

    Answer by mickstinator at 2:10 PM on Mar. 16, 2010

  • No way.

    Answer by Fallaya at 2:37 PM on Mar. 16, 2010

  • I have gotten a little loud when I was frustrated at her, but I will apologize to her.

    Answer by Fallaya at 2:38 PM on Mar. 16, 2010

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