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If only we all could have this chance?

Mrs. Martin, aka Ingrid, is an unemployed health care professional from Ohio. A friend took her along to see President Barack Obama’s “Health Care Hallelujah” speech in Strongsville Monday, where she wound up in the front row, listening in disbelief.
“I crossed my hand and bit my lips a couple of time, and when he made his Medicare claim I said ‘no, no, no,’ ” she told me yesterday.

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Asked by Carpy at 3:19 PM on Mar. 18, 2010 in Politics & Current Events

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  • Well, I would bet the farm that O will not use her as a spokesperson for why we need this so-called reform. Nor will any of the alphabets show her in clips of the campaign rally.

    Answer by 29again at 3:27 PM on Mar. 18, 2010

  • I stopped reading at:

    “Health Care Hallelujah”!!

    throwing up


    Answer by LoriKeet at 5:33 PM on Mar. 18, 2010

  • So is this the Joe the Plumber again? ....Does she even know what is in it? Oh I did some research on her and come to find out she is was a sales rep for a health care company and gets insurance from her husband's work. I would not consider her a healthcare worker. Also this a opinion piece which holds very little credibility with me. Especially using nicknames such as " Obamacare." I think it should shows lack of intelligence. Just call it healthare reform. I think before posting least let it hold water and check sources.

    Answer by Mom2Just1 at 5:46 PM on Mar. 18, 2010

  • And just HOW did you do research on her? Check huffpo?

    Answer by Carpy at 5:56 PM on Mar. 18, 2010

  • Oh I see, you stole the joe the plumber comment too. So what exactly do you find so lacking in intelligence with her? You really have scored no points in the discrediting category.

    Answer by Carpy at 6:00 PM on Mar. 18, 2010

  • I think before posting least let it hold water and check sources.


    Oh you mean like the ASSUMPTION that the poor "elderly" man (in his 50's) CLAIMING to have Parkinson's Disease was mocked by "Teabaggers?!" This was ALL OVER every liberal media outlet. But what those same outlets likely failed to cover was the story about a Teacher who hanged Obama in effigy (due to the underperforming school being closed and her likely losing her job). Of course, had it been a TEA Partier, it would have been front page news and considered an act of racism or a terroristic threat...but that's typical liberalism.

    Rushes to judgment....a skill perfected by liberals!


    Answer by LoriKeet at 6:14 PM on Mar. 18, 2010

  • It is not that hard is your friend. Here is some link for you:
    Sorry it took so long to get back. Had to make dinner!

    Answer by Mom2Just1 at 7:39 PM on Mar. 18, 2010

  • LoriKeet... I never mentioned that. I also realize that all parties are not faultless(BTW, Liberal is a belief not political party). I am not a liberal by the way. I am Independent. I do have SOME liberal leanings. I would be careful in making generalizations or using broad terms. You do not like people to make assumptions but you make a generalized statement that could include a lot of people not just liberals. Pot meet kettle.

    Answer by Mom2Just1 at 7:48 PM on Mar. 18, 2010

  • Carpy I never doubted her intelligence. I was just question your source. I also am questioning her motives considering who she used to work for. Never intelligence...I can make a decision based on that...not enough evidence.

    Answer by Mom2Just1 at 7:50 PM on Mar. 18, 2010

  • She was standing there listening to his balony. She has every right to not agree with what he was saying. I bet she knows whats in it better than he does. It
    is his doing that cause her company to downsize because of what was in the pipeline. The same reason most of americas small businesses are laying off or not hiring . This is rightly Obamas fault. It may have started with Reagan or Clinton or one of the Bushes but this is Obamas doing. He is the one with the laundry list of new taxes and fees for Businesses. He tries to veil them with a measly $1000 tax break if they hire someone out of work but thats not going to help because the threats are still there.
    We still have immigration reform, financial reform, cap and tax and who knows what else. People are not stupid. They will not hire until they feel better days are coming and thats Obamas fault!

    Answer by itsmesteph11 at 7:56 PM on Mar. 18, 2010

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