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How do I deal with this child?

I watch a girl after school. She is a single child and the only grandchild of a big family. She is used to being the only one and getting all the attention. She expects me to do everything with her every second and look at everything single thing she does. She expects me to rave about her every move. She is very loud, and pouts if you don't give her what she wants. I have 4 of my own children who are very independent considerate, more quiet, but are getting upset with this child and are getting to the point that they want it the way it used to be. If I am talking to one of my children, this girl will literally get in between us and beg for my attention. I ask her to wait her turn and do my best to teach her how to behave but instead she just gets so hurt. How do I deal with this child? I know she needs it as her parents have sent her off to relatives the last 3 weekends and don't spent time with her so much.


Asked by Anonymous at 11:43 PM on Mar. 19, 2010 in School-Age Kids (5-8)

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Answers (16)
  • i watch a 5th child in my home (4 of my own)... he is no prob but i've watched one in the past just like what you are describing... treat her THE SAME as theother children... explain the rules... ie. we take turns, you need to wait one moment... it's ok to be upset but you have to be respectful, etc...

    she will eventually get it... do not give her special treatment and don't treat her any worse either... ALL the children her and your own need to understand that while she is there she is like part of the family... and she needs to understand (either by telling her or by example, depending on her age) that also :) ... hope it gets better for you :)

    Answer by mommy-2-3 at 9:55 AM on Mar. 20, 2010

  • well i know if it was me,..i would put my children first..meaning if they want this girl gone id stop watching her.but thats just ,me.

    Answer by Anonymous at 11:45 PM on Mar. 19, 2010

  • If shes interfearing with your children then you need to stop watching her definatly. Shes not your problem sorry to be so blunt but there are worse kids off then her.

    Answer by Anonymous at 11:58 PM on Mar. 19, 2010


    Answer by mrscoty at 6:37 AM on Mar. 20, 2010

  • Continue with what you are doing. She needs to learn that she cannot always be the center of attention. She needs to learn to interact with other children.

    Answer by motherofhope98 at 7:55 AM on Mar. 20, 2010

  • I'd just keep on with my normal routine and not give into her. If her selfish behavior continues, I wouldn't watch her anymore. You have your own children to deal with and shouldn't have to deal with a selfish, spoiled brat.

    Answer by Bethsunshine at 8:26 AM on Mar. 20, 2010

  • ,...btw i don't thinkg she is doing it to be a "selfish spoiled brat" WOW.... she is a child and they learn by what circumstances they are given... obviously she is used to being the only child in those circumstances, she just needs to LEARN to be different when she is w other children... you are doing a good job,, keep it up... she won't change overnight, she needs to LEARN the good behavior

    Answer by Anonymous at 9:58 AM on Mar. 20, 2010

  • I was in this same sort of situation last year I watched my nephew him the only child constantly demanded my attention well my then 5 1/2 yr old didn't get as much even though he was a baby you couldn't put him down the kid had a loud screeching cry that drove you nuts!! I ended up having to tell his mom you need to find someone else because this is not working out my son needs some attention too...I would quit watching her if she can't understand she needs to take turns and share your attention otherwise your kids will suffer whenever she is around.

    Answer by chica679 at 11:18 AM on Mar. 20, 2010

  • Wow........sounds like this kiddo could benefit from being at your house. Just like kids crave attention they also crave stability. Keep up with the house rules. As someone mentioned let her know what is expected. You didnt say how old she is so age and remembering what she is used to would need to be remembered. But........I bet if you keep up with this she will come around. Of course your own children should come first.....but there is nothing wrong with caring for other people :).

    Answer by mistynights234 at 1:22 PM on Mar. 20, 2010

  • Do a reward chart for her and your children. Show her how to behave and encourage her parents to do the same. to help her learn to do for her own. I know I have an only child and she knows not to behave like that. This girl will have problems growing up and making friends because of this.

    Answer by happynewyorker at 6:23 PM on Mar. 20, 2010