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Should I be worried?!

Dh and I recently started to noticed our dd stuttering. She will be 3 in june and just started this about 1 week ago. Its not on a regular basis its very sporatic and random. It doesnt always occur with teh same phrases or anything either. Im wondering if this could be a phase? She was beind a bit on her talking so she was almost 2 1/2 until she started talking real good. Now she says phrases and talks alot but still has some pronouseation issues. Shes doing better every day but this came out of no where. Im kind of worried but wondering if its just a phase or if its something that really needs to be checked out.

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Asked by OliviasMommy614 at 7:54 PM on Mar. 23, 2010 in Toddlers (1-2)

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  • I really don't know anything about this, so take this with a grain of salt... but my daughter is almost 3 and also has moments of stuttering. She has actually been really advanced in her verbal abilities, so she's doing it when she is trying to form more complex ideas, I guess... I think maybe they get to a point where they're more conscious not just of what they're saying, but also how they're saying it, and get kind of, well, stuck trying to come up with just the right thing. They don't have all the fillers we have yet (um, uh, like, etc), so maybe they just keep starting over? Again, I'm making this up, but that's what it seems like in my daughter's case... Not sure if it's the same thing.

    Answer by EmilySusan at 8:34 PM on Mar. 23, 2010

  • My sister did this for a few years when she was younger and the speech therapist told my parents that she would most likely outgrow it....eventually she did. She did it more when she was excited or frustrated.

    Answer by anglgrl03 at 10:18 PM on Mar. 23, 2010

  • I am replying to this question not as a Mom but as an adult that use to stammer as a child. Stuttering and stammering are different. A lot of people think that they are not but they indeed are. Furthermore, there are different reasons for both but I won’t get in to that as that is something that you should discuss with your doctor; either way the conditions highly treatable. If she is not then perhaps it is just a phase. I would take her into your Dr. and have her ears checked pronto. Unnoticed ear infections are often cause for speech problems and can go unnoticed for months as they are not always accompanied with a fever. If she does end up having a speech delay and/or problem it is far from that big of a deal. I had a terrible stammer until 4th grade and many years of speech therapy now people don’t even believe me when I say I use to stammer. Good Luck :)

    Answer by Sarahedger at 12:18 AM on Mar. 24, 2010

  • And here is a great website to checkout on stuttering

    Answer by Sarahedger at 12:18 AM on Mar. 24, 2010

  • My bet is she'll out grow it. My son is about the same age and is speech delayed. However, he's now talking in sentences. He sometimes seems to get stuck on words and, like others suggested, I think he's just trying to work out more complex thoughts. He hasn't learned to figure it out before starting to talk. If you're still concerned, on your next well checkup, mention it.

    Answer by momofryan07 at 11:07 AM on Mar. 24, 2010

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