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Desperate to lose weight........

I need help losing weight. I have tried every diet and exercise program out there and still can't lose the baby weight from all three kids. My husband has been (not discreetly) mentioning that I eat too much and that I need to go to the gym. I eat maybe one meal a day if I'm lucky and even then 3 or 4 bites fills me up. I used to be anorexic and bulimic and do not want to travel down those roads again. when I met my husband I was in the military and had a great body(I was a size 3) now its all blah(size 13 after 3 kids) and I get really upset when it comes to him criticizing my weight. It upsets me to the point of tears and I have tried everything. It seems like I am never going to lose the weight. I really am trying and I always fail. Help!

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Asked by angel1332 at 10:21 AM on Mar. 26, 2010 in Diet & Fitness

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  • I went form 128 Ibs up to 213 when I had kids and back down to 138...I lost the weight by going to the gym 3 times a week and counting calories...If you are only eating 1 meal a day, either you are drinking your calories, or your metabolism crashed. You can jump start it, but you have to work out and drink a ton of water to restore you metabolism.

    Answer by WomanOfGod7 at 10:27 AM on Mar. 26, 2010

  • uh i been there.. i started researching workout dvds to do at home since i couldnt go to the gym and i found the perfect one for my body..i had the mid section issues.. and ive used it for about 25 days and gone down one pant size already and my baby fat is mostly all gone.. ive also done a supplemental shake for breakfast that helps with nutrients and boost metabolism to burn the fat..maybe thats a problem to is that you only eat once a day..thats so bad for you because if your body is craving nutrients your body starts basically eating your muscle and turning it to unnecessary fat.. ..

    Answer by swaney06 at 10:30 AM on Mar. 26, 2010

  • I know it sounds weird, but if you're going to lose weight you have to eat. You have slowed your metabolism to the point where it is storing calories instead of burning them off.

    Get some books on nutrition. Learn to eat well, eat often, and eat within the caloric range you need to maintain to lose(usually around 1500 calories a day for women). Since you aren't getting support from your husband, consider a weight loss Weight Watchers. You'll kinda learn to eat well, and get the emotional and mental support.

    And tell you husband that if he doesn't get off you a$$ now, you're not going to let him get on it when you lose the weight! *wink*

    Answer by desert_diva at 10:30 AM on Mar. 26, 2010

  • You may not be taking in enough calories to lose weight. Your body may be in starvation mode.
    You need to eat.
    You do not need a diet, you need a lifestyle change.
    You need to be taking in a minimum of 1,200 calories per day. Perhaps more depending on your height/weight/body size.

    Answer by Anonymous at 11:15 AM on Mar. 26, 2010

  • i agree with the previous posts. Only eating one meal a day will KILL your metabolism! I was anorexic and bulimic in high school and after having my daughter i feel terrible about myself because i dont look the way i want. I now learned that my anorexic and bulimic ways have trashed my metabolism and im trying day by day to bring it back to where it could be. I drink a ton of water and i snack on fruits and veggies all day so im constantly eating. Im still struggling with losing weight but ive learned to do it day by day and that nothing healthy happens fast!

    Answer by Kennadismom at 11:41 AM on Mar. 26, 2010

  • I have books on nutrition and I do try to eat but I am just not hungry. I don't know why but since baby #3. I just don't want to eat. I know this is going to sound weird but if I force myself I'm either in the bathroom with an upset stomache or I'm throwing up. I hardly ever eat sweets and drink soda a lot more than I should but I also drink a lot of water and walk almost every day. When I do eat it's usally something I really like eating and it is so frustrating. Do you think it's possible that my mind just put its self back in anorexia mode?

    Answer by angel1332 at 11:44 AM on Mar. 26, 2010

  • its possible, but i think subconciously youre convincing yourself that you arent hungry which is why the anorexic mindframe came back. you need to overcome that first before you even try losing weight, i know personally once i get obsessed with losing weight i start back wiht not eating and overexaggerating what i did eat so people dont catch on that i havent eaten,

    Answer by Kennadismom at 12:31 PM on Mar. 26, 2010

  • i did a diet called body for life before. it was fun for me. a meal was two fistfulls of food, and we had to have 6 meals a day. after about two weeks, i could feel my metabolism breaking down the food just after i ate it because my body knew it could use this food as fuel, because my body knew it would be fed again soon! there was a cardio/ weight workout with this as well. diet and workout was 6 days a week, with one day you were not constantly depriving yourself, leaving yourself vulnerable to binges! if i were to do it again, i would be sure to eat more fresh veggies...weight watchers says they are free foods.

    Answer by happy2bmom25 at 12:56 PM on Mar. 26, 2010

  • Get in contact with your doctor and/or a nutritionist to help you plan out a concrete diet and exercise plan.

    Answer by Mousuke at 6:36 PM on Mar. 26, 2010

  • I would suggest going to the doctor to rule anything out for why you cant lose weight.I suggest mini meals and try to fit in cardio at least 3 times a week.I have lost alot of weight,I drink plenty of water,eat clean and workout 6 times a week.I have to take in almost 1600 calories a day.However remember not all calories are equal.Make sure you are getting plenty of fruits and vegetables.

    Answer by FitMom9603 at 10:49 AM on Mar. 27, 2010

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