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How long does it take to lose 50 pounds?

Im going on a family vaca in Aug 5 months away is it possible to lose 50 lbs in that time frame? if not how much is the max a person can lose? i'm doing wii active and im almost done my first 6 week challenag and i try to get out and walk been goin throw a lot these pass couple weeks. but i am planing on starting at 3-5 miles a week and up it to 10 miles a wee but at least 2 miles mon-fri. Its hard finding time for me with a 5 year old.......Thanks to every1

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Asked by Anonymous at 11:04 AM on Mar. 29, 2010 in Diet & Fitness

Answers (9)
  • I know what ya mean, I have a 2 year old. Im trying to lose weight but it seems like I dont have the time sometimes. But yeah, I think its possible, you'd just have to work really hard,a nd be really devoted. (if thats spelled right lol) anyway, try cutting out all beverages besides water. I heard that ALOT, but once I really tried it, I started losing fast. and also cutting out all the junk food, and fatty foods. Thats a BIG one. It gets really tempting, but you just gotta think about losing all that. Ive been walking/jogging during the evenings I get tiem, and during the day when my son is occupied with something, I'll work out a little. It hury really bad at first, cause i hadnt exercised at all since before I had got pregnant with him. But after a couple days, it was ok. Try this site, it might help you, it gave me some good exercise moves that work. and GL, hope you can make it!

    Answer by Jessica1991 at 11:16 AM on Mar. 29, 2010

  • Honey, I'm there with ya! I've gained 50 lbs as a result of the meds I'm on. My advice to you is to try Weight Watchers. I dieted with them 2 yrs ago and lost 16lbs in 4 months. Go slow... a lb a week is healthy. You may not make your goal weight by Aug, but at least you will have started. 60min of exercise a day is recommended for weight loss. My boss used Alli and had great results... just ask a dr before you try it if you're on any other meds.


    Answer by Luvmylilmonkies at 12:13 PM on Mar. 29, 2010

  • Healthy weight loss is 1-2 pounds a week so I don't think you can lose the 50 pounds you want by august. You could probably do it in 6 months to a year but that's a lot of weight to lose in 5 months.

    Answer by Myantek at 12:50 PM on Mar. 29, 2010

  • 4 months to lose 50 lbs? No, atleaste not in a healthy way or any way that it would be a long term change.
    In 4 months you could probley lose 20-40lbs if you tried, work out daily & eat right.. Some weight is better than none. so give it your best shot!
    I have more than 50lbs to lose but Im slowly getting there. Its about losing the weight, being healthy & staying that way!

    Answer by MommaTasha1003 at 1:27 PM on Mar. 29, 2010

  • Probably not in a good healthy way, but you can be well on your way. My goal is to lost 50 lbs by Sept and I started last month. So far, Im on track. I go to the gym 4-5 times a week and have cut out most junky snacks. I think you just have to stay motivated. Good luck!

    Answer by Aqua_Jen at 1:57 PM on Mar. 29, 2010

  • You may not be able to lose 50, but you could lose a good 30-35 in a safe and healthy way and you'd be well on your way and look great! Exercise is GREAT, but your diet is probably the most important, how are you doing as far as that goes?

    Answer by gramsmom at 2:21 PM on Mar. 29, 2010

  • It took me 10 months to take off 50 lbs. I had to exercise 1 to 2 hours a day and watch what I ate.

    Answer by PrttyMstng at 5:19 AM on Mar. 30, 2010

  • Have you ever thought about nutritional cleansing for weight loss. I lost 18 lbs in a 40 day period and kept it off for over 7 months now. It is a healthy way to lose weight and replace nutrients into your system at the same time. Message me for more info.

    Answer by mom2threets at 9:05 AM on Mar. 31, 2010

  • I am on the Silhouette solution. My friend lost 24lbs and she didn't exercise(she claims she is lazy). It is a diet that last 8 weeks and you eat 5 calibrated meals and one sensible meal. she went on to lose 35lbs total and she is no longer on the diet. It resets your set point. Let me know if you want more info.

    Answer by chiro789 at 12:33 PM on Apr. 1, 2010

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