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Why are there no diaper wars?

Why don't those same sanctimommies who are the only ones who know the correct way to feed a baby go around stopping random women at changing stations in bathrooms and criticize them for not changing diapers the exact same way they do (or using the exact same brand/style/diaper cream)? And why don't they randomly harass people over putting the "wrong" kind of shoes on their babies? Why is it only feeding they suddenly think they are qualified to be the expert even though every mother feeds their baby just like everyone cleans up crappy diapers and everyone teaches their child to walk?

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Asked by NotPanicking at 11:16 PM on Apr. 1, 2010 in Just for Fun

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Answers (7)
  • Probably because diapers don't have any effect on the development of a child. A diaper catches pee and poop....doesn't provide nourishment. I agree with you but the 2 things are completely unrelated...even though I'm sure there are pyschos out there about that too.

    Answer by Anonymous at 11:19 PM on Apr. 1, 2010

  • Because frankly my dear I don't give a ****. I raise my kids the way I feel is best. If you are not abusing your kids then I don't see the point in arguing. Its not like I will really change someones oppion.

    Answer by Tf1990 at 11:24 PM on Apr. 1, 2010

  • because in the end they are all full of sh**! :)

    Answer by BlooBird at 11:27 PM on Apr. 1, 2010

  • oh trust there is debates about diapers on here too although thankfully haven't seen any recently. especially the very famous disposable or cloth

    Answer by mrsbean08 at 11:28 PM on Apr. 1, 2010

  • Well... within one generation Cancer rates have sky rocketed right along with Diabetes, ADHD, Autism, and childhood obesity amongst other things. The way we eat (and feed our babies) has changed more in the last 100 years than it had in the previous hundreds of years....

    Some people mistaken think that their risk of cancer is is all based in genetics, but when rates soar like they have in the last 50 years, it makes you wonder.... maybe it IS more to do with what we eat (and feed our kids) and less about the genes. The genes have been with us since the beginning of time... All this illness is a relatively new thing.

    Perhaps…. All the chemicals that make the artificial colors, preservatives, and weird-ass additives in our food (and baby formulas) are more to blame than the big profit food industries want us to know.

    Answer by VeronicaLee at 12:12 AM on Apr. 2, 2010

  • Veronica... perhaps it's because the last three generations of people were all too happy to sniff, snort, smoke, and inject anything they could get there hands on.

    Answer by BlooBird at 12:44 AM on Apr. 2, 2010

  • I am with bloobird on that one, I think chemicals play a part but the chemicals used for recreational use play a bigger part.

    Answer by 3_ring_circus_ at 1:47 AM on Apr. 2, 2010

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