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How can I be saved if I have so many struggles with my faith?

I'm asking because so much has gone wrong throughout this past year. It's such a long complicated story, I'd rather leave it alone. I know I'm not the only one having hard times, and others are out there who have it worse than me. When things get harder or worse, I try to count my blessings and find the silver lining. My family is constantly telling me that if it wasn't for bad luck, I wouldn't have any luck at all...nice, huh? Lol. Then, dh's family tells me to keep praying. That's what I did. I prayed and prayed. I read my Bible, went to church, and prayed like crazy all the time. If anything happened, it was the exact opposite of what I was hoping for. I know it's God's will and not mine, but really I was hoping for some sort of slack. Dh's family always says that God won't give me more than I can handle, but I feel like my limit was reached 6 months ago, and now I'm just running on fumes...wondering if God is really there.

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Asked by Anonymous at 12:14 AM on Apr. 7, 2010 in Religion & Beliefs

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  • God is there. If we didn't have the bad times, we would never learn anything. Try to pull out a lesson you can learn. Keep that prayer in your heart ..."Heavenly Father, what are you trying to teach me?" Keep your heart and your mind open to personal revelation and be proactive....don't just sit back, because miracles don't happen like that.....we have to do our part to help ourselves (i'm not trying to judge or be critical). I think all that is easier said then done, but hold true to it and study the scriptures, because truly, reading will at least put you in a better mood/attitude to tackle the struggles you are going through. Remember your not alone....Heavenly Father will always be there for you....and remember there are others out there expiriencing hard times as well....
    Another good idea is to help others.....focus on helping others who are less fortunate.

    Answer by sandypops at 12:22 AM on Apr. 7, 2010

  • Many times dear friend it is our outlook on things. First off your being saved has nothing to do with the trials you endure. It is the fact that Jesus died for out sins and rose from the dead. If we believe that and live accordingly than we are saved. It has nothing to do with the trials we face. He never has promised that trials will not come, just that he will be with us in them. God know what we can handle and cannot, so let him know how you feel. Talk to God plain and honest and he will understand your heart. We need to start looking at God as a loving Father and not a hateful dictator, because he is not. When bad things happen so many are quick to say well it is God's will. We forget we have our own will, we make things happen as well by the decisions we make. As well there are evil influences in this world that are able to manipulate things. Jesus loves you and he is there for you no mater what you are going through.

    Answer by my2kids312 at 12:23 AM on Apr. 7, 2010

  • i don't know if God is there but you are here. You need to look within yourself not God. It sounds to me like you are waiting for him to grant you some wish or something. I think you are the only one who knows what you can handle. Nobody is going to cut you slack in this life. If you feel like you've reached some kinda limit then you are the only one that can call it can't stand around waiting on some act from God. You have the power to make things happen.

    Answer by shay1130 at 12:23 AM on Apr. 7, 2010

  • Have you ever heard the country song "Unanswered Prayers" This is what I listen to when I feel like you do. I hope it helps a little it always helps me. GOOD LUCK sweetie if you ever need to talk I am more than willing.

    Heres the youtube link. Again I hope it helps.

    Answer by hot-mama86 at 12:25 AM on Apr. 7, 2010

  • I think everyone has struggles with their faith. For me it's a matter of just knowing that God is there, no matter what, and I can be having the hardest, worst time but it's a comfort knowing that it will eventually get better. Praying and doing good for others in the smallest ways are what help me get through the hard times; distracting myself from my difficulties by helping someone else has also helped.

    Answer by oahoah at 12:26 AM on Apr. 7, 2010

  • Struggling with your faith or struggling with your life circumstances? We all struggle with life. Our hope lies in what happens after this life. I think sometimes people tend to think if your a good enough Christian you will get everything you want or need. But I think that is false doctrine and leads people astray. I had a friend whose baby had horrible birth defects. Good meaning people told her if she just believed and prayed the baby would be fine. He died at birth. She thought she must not have been good enough or prayed hard enough. It is sad that it was fellow believers who made her feel so bad about herself. But now she understands that it wasn't her and she has hope to see him again one day in heaven. I think people struggle everyday. I hope things get better for you soon.


    Answer by BlooBird at 12:28 AM on Apr. 7, 2010

  • The beauty of God is our privilage to question Him. He is a big boy and He can handle our doubts and questions. Life isnt always what we hope for, and sometimes He seems to be MIA when hard times come. But look close.. He is there. during our toughest trials when we feel most alone it is then He carries us (footprints in the sand poem). Cancer attacked my family and I felt like God turned His back on me completely.. but when I looked (and honey I REALLY had 2 look) I did see Him working in my life. It may have been to strengthen me in areas I needed it.. and 2 humble me in others(thats the but He is there. Give Him a chance 2 work in u amd thru u. As a believer, it is difficult 2 understand all He has planned, but know that your walk may not be easy... but it WILL be worth it. Praying 4 u and here if u need a friend! God Bless!!!!

    Answer by Tzutchka at 1:24 AM on Apr. 7, 2010

  • I want to know why people are taught that when anything bad happens that it's God that caused it, the Bible says that only good things come from God (James 1:17), that's not to say God doesn't allow things to happen like when someone else (who has free will just like you do) does something that causes you pain or suffering, Satan said (speaking of Job) people only serve God out of selfish desires and that if God stopped protecting Job that Job would curse God. we too as Christian come under "time and unforeseen occurrences" (Ecc 9:11, 12) and remember that Ecclesiastes 8:9 aptly says: “Man has dominated man to his injury.”
    not God.

    Answer by lisarose45 at 2:28 AM on Apr. 7, 2010

  • I agree with you lisarose. I want to know why people are taught that God causes bad things also. That is not the Heavenly Father that I have learned about. "For every good and perfect gift comes from the Father of Lights"....and "The devil comes to kill, steal, and destroy". I do not believe God to be the originator of bad things that happen to people, but I do believe that he can turn to good what the devil meant for our harm and destruction.

    As for how you can be saved and still struggle with your faith, are no surprise to God. When you came to be in a relationship with Him he knew everything about you....including all of your past, present, and future. Nothing you do could ever surprise Him. No question you could ask of Him would ever be too much to be eventually answered in His time and forgiven. I think that it can be hard, but please continue to try to look around. He will never foresake you.

    Answer by Anonymous at 9:10 AM on Apr. 7, 2010

  • For future information, no. God isn't there. We all go thru rough patches in our lives. That is the nature of life. There are things we have to learn from them. Difficulties teach us how to deal with disasters. There's an old saying in the South ( I grew up in Arkansas) that says, "Whatever doesn't kill you only makes you stronger." All you have to do is survive! Keep looking for your OWN answers. No one else is going to give you one, because their answer won't be the same as the one you need. Human beings are stronger than they know most of the time.

    Answer by witchqueen at 1:20 PM on Apr. 7, 2010

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