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Does anyone else get aggrivated when you get a student nurse during your OB appt?

It irritates me so bad when I have to tell a nurse how to do their job. I just want it done and done right. I know they need to learn, but learn on someone else. I've had enough pregnancy issues, I need someone that knows what their doing.


Asked by Anonymous at 1:18 AM on Apr. 9, 2010 in Pregnancy

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Answers (29)
  • BTW, when I was having premature contractions with my second, I had this resident keep sticking her hand up in me trying to see if I was dilated and she couldn't find my cervix. It hurt and I was already emotional and nervous because of the whole situation. She finally had to ask the OB nurse to check me and I was livid by that point. I told my doctor when I went in for my follow up visit that the next time I had to go to the hospital, I didn't want anyone but him or the OB nurse touching me. I didn't want someone playing doctor on me who couldn't even find my cervix.

    Answer by Bethsunshine at 7:54 AM on Apr. 9, 2010

  • yes i get like that too.. but try going into labor and delivery with pre-term contractions and you get an intern for a doctor!! UGH!

    Answer by ArmyAngel18 at 1:20 AM on Apr. 9, 2010

  • What piss me off the first time I went to get my pap test they gave me a student who didn't know how to do it and left me bleeding for 2 days and I have NEVER bled after a pap just that time. From that day forward I requested my ob or I will go home.

    Answer by sweetyazfl at 1:21 AM on Apr. 9, 2010

  • Ok let me add it was my first time in the second pregnancy lol

    Answer by sweetyazfl at 1:22 AM on Apr. 9, 2010

  • No. Get over it. Everyone needs to learn somehow and you just happen to be the guinea pig for that week, so live with it for one day.

    Answer by Imogine at 1:22 AM on Apr. 9, 2010

  • oooooh when i was pregnant the whole hospital was full of students!!! it pissed me off!! especially when there was like 3-4 ppl all lookin at me...yaaa wasnt impressed at all!!

    Answer by alexis_06 at 1:34 AM on Apr. 9, 2010

  • No. I don't think it's that big of a deal.

    I know exactly what vein to use and what size needle they need.

    As long as they don't give me any crap when I tell them where to get it from and what vein they need I don't care who does it.

    I really think you should just quit whining and let them learn. Did you know how to do things perfect on your first day of work? NOPE. And if they didn't train you than how would you learn?

    Answer by Anonymous at 1:34 AM on Apr. 9, 2010

  • I was a student nurse once, so I know how important it is for them to be able to learn, and the complicated cases are best. HOWEVER, I think every patient should be given the respect of being asked if their willing to have a student care for them. It's not fun for a student nurse to work with someone who doesn't want a student nurse! I hated having to compromise people's privacy unnecessarily.

    Answer by Adelicious at 1:47 AM on Apr. 9, 2010

  • I have no problems with students. My doctor is a professor at the local teaching hospital so not only do I see student nurses I see interns or residents as my doctor. A resident delivered my second baby. I saw him through out the last month of my pregnancy. They have to learn some time and no body is prefect when they are just starting out.


    Answer by JAIRATRACI at 1:50 AM on Apr. 9, 2010

  • No I never have issues with it.

    Answer by Anonymous at 1:56 AM on Apr. 9, 2010