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What's your take on miscarriages?

So I had a miscarriage Dec '09 and I just had another miscarriage April '10.. I don't know what is happening! I am only 22, No history of family miscarriages, had a healthy pregnancy when I was 18 and have a healthy toddler... does mother and father blood have anything to do with it? Does stress?...UGHH!!! WTF! sorry, I just cant belive the doctors wont tell me what is wrong because tey say I need to have 3 CONSECUTIVE miscarriages in order for testing to be done! I CAN'T HANDLE ANOTHER MISCARRIAGE especially since we are trying to conceive! Any help would be greatly apprecited! THANKX GIRLS!

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Asked by mommie611 at 12:41 AM on Apr. 10, 2010 in Trying to Conceive

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  • it could be any number of things. there is sometimes no good explination. sometimes there is something wrong with the baby. keep your chin up and be grateful for what you have. and dont give up.

    Answer by jennifer588 at 12:47 AM on Apr. 10, 2010

  • I reccomend joining the miscarriage/pregnancy loss support group if you haven't already. Post this question there, and you're likely to get more and better answers. Have them check your thyroid just in case. I'm sorry you've had to go through this twice. It's not easy. I just m/c at the end of Feb. Still trying to heal from it. I feel your frustration. *hugs*

    Answer by brookebella at 12:49 AM on Apr. 10, 2010

  • I started ttc my first @ 20im sorry and miscarried 3 times in a row. I finally got to have tests done and they didn't find any problem. The reason they don't do anything before you have 3 in a row is because they are so common and 90% of the time there is no problem. It's just bad luck I guess. It was the worst 3 years of my life and now I have 2 boys and never found out any reason why I lost the first 3 (4 technically bc the last was twins). I am so sorry for what you are going through it is awful. Since you had a healthy pregnancy already I'm sure everything is ok. Good luck and whatever you do don't give up hope!


    Answer by jenae_gist at 12:51 AM on Apr. 10, 2010


    Answer by mommie611 at 1:09 AM on Apr. 10, 2010

  • So sorry's never easy.I hate the wait for 3 misc. and then we will do tests....ugh! I had a misscarriage in 06 and in 09. It's terrible to go thru and I don't think there is a simple answer. I thankfully as well have a LO(born 2007) so it can happen! Eat right, sleep, stop the stress and have faith it will all work out!!! Good Luck to you!!! :)

    Answer by MayMommy07 at 1:32 AM on Apr. 10, 2010

  • I also have a healthy child and went through a miscarriage Oct. '09 and March '10 with no answers. The only thing my dr. said is that maybe I got pregnant too quickly with the second one and my body wasn't fully recovered to handle another pregnancy. Do youthink that could be the case with you? Now we have decided to wait the 3-6 months before trying again, which is extremely hard considering we have been ttc for a year now. Oh and I do know that my dr. is going to have me take a baby asprin and progesterone as soon as I get pregnant the next time. Have you talked to your dr. about that? Good luck and hang in there, I know I'm trying too!

    Answer by mazonmom at 1:32 PM on Apr. 10, 2010

  • I'm so sorry about your miscarriages. :-( It sucks that you'd have to wait for a 3rd miscarriage to be able to test what happened. They really are devastating. I had one miscarriage last summer (August 2009), and I was early on, about 6 weeks. While it's true that doctors don't do any investigating for just one miscarriage, my doc actually learned that my miscarriage "may have been" caused by some uterine polyps. "May have been", because miscarriages due to uterine polyps are more rare, and it could very well have been due to chromosomal abnormalities. Anyway, I went to see him for something completely unrelated, and that's when he saw the uterine polyps. I had a D&C last December to remove them, to decrease the chance of another miscarriage. Good luck to you, and I wish you lots of baby dust.

    Answer by violetgirl at 9:06 PM on Apr. 10, 2010

  • first i am so sorry for your lose i know it is hard i m/c in april 07 with twins two weeks apart i was 19 and then i had to take clomid i have pcos so thats why i had to take clomid i m/c again june 09 drs always said my thyriod was normal they never did the blood work and then they finally did with the one i lost in 09 and thats why my dr thinks i lost the baby and in Nov i found out i was pregnant again and now im due this July i switch drs and the one im with now check my thyriod every month and my blood sugar and everything staying on track i know what i think help me is that i stayed off my feet as much as i can in the 1 trim and then i tryied so hard not to get stress out

    but you also ask what our thoughts were about m/c mine we been trying to get pregnant i know its stupid but when i was 17 and at 18 i was told i couldnt ever get preg but with the m/c i had at 19 and again at 21 i look back con.

    Answer by Anonymous at 10:59 PM on Apr. 10, 2010

  • con..

    look back at and i think about even tho we were trying to have baby we werent ready and that wasnt the life i would have wanted for my baby even tho i know we would have made it and everything would be alright with money and everything now we have to money and we can get things we need more now then i would have before and we have a better place now so i think it does happen when its meant i know i hated hearing this but looking but i see it wasnt the time

    Answer by Anonymous at 11:02 PM on Apr. 10, 2010

  • I am sorry for your loss. I too had a miscarriage last year and understand your fear, concern and worry. To answer the question though... Statistically 1 in 5 pregnancies will end in miscarriage. Until it can be determined as a pattern that something more than a statistical loss there is really nothing else that you can do. Again, I'm so sorry for your loss!

    Answer by SmileyMoo at 9:17 PM on Apr. 12, 2010

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