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how can i take a shower or use the bathroom in peace with an 18 month old???

ok so i have an 18 month old...i'm a single/working mom...when i come home from work it's a great feeling to have my daughter run to the door to give me the biggest hug ever...but she doesn't let go metaphorically speaking...she follows me like a puppy that thinks everytime i get up i'm going to the kitchen to get her food. it doesn't bother me until i go to the bathroom to take a shower or to just use it...most of the time i work nights so i take my shower during the day and i keep the door open just to listen out for her (fyi she loves baths) but when someone is home to "keep her entertained" while i shower i like to shut the door so i can have some kind of privacy for myself an relax for a sec...well when i shut the door while in the shower she will literally stand at the door and wail until i'm done and let her in (not so peaceful shower)...i want to find some way to break her of that so i can have a peaceful shower

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Asked by mama212008 at 1:01 AM on Apr. 13, 2010 in Toddlers (1-2)

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  • I don't know if it's possible, my daughter always follows me in the bathroom. She'll stand in there talking to me in the shower.

    Answer by BlooBird at 1:07 AM on Apr. 13, 2010

  • That is going to happen until she is growm almost....don't know what to tell you. All kids do it.

    Answer by BradenIsMySon at 1:07 AM on Apr. 13, 2010

  • I have a 15 month old son. We live in a one bedroom apt and he is always following me to the bathroom and when I take a shower also, but then again we are here by ourselves during the day. It doesn't occur to me to mind. He follows my SO also sometimes. I just make sure to have a drink available for him and toys and he is content.

    Answer by Cappy1979 at 1:09 AM on Apr. 13, 2010

  • the person that is suppose to be watching her while your in the shower doesn't seem to be doing their job.. they need to keep her occupied better..

    Answer by Jan0609momma at 1:14 AM on Apr. 13, 2010

  • Well why not leave the door open a crack when someone is watching her? I doubt they'll be peeking thru the door at you. Or ask them to keep her entertained and try to teach her not to do that. My bf's 3 yr old daughter does that all the time. She looks for him when he disappears into the restroom and stands at the door asking what he's doing and gets down on the floor trying to peek underneath. Seriously that bothers me more than him. He thinks its funny. I never tell her that he's in the bathroom if she asks for him. But eventually she will end up there.

    Answer by coralbeth at 1:29 AM on Apr. 13, 2010

  • My daughter is 19 months...when you find a solution please let me know :)

    Answer by calliesmommie at 2:12 AM on Apr. 13, 2010

  • I have a couple of suggestions - first take a radio into the bathroom and turn it on - focus on the music - it is a reminder to her that you aren't listening to her right now, and will help drown her out. Make a deal with her - "pick a book and hop up on Mommy's couch so you are ready when I come out." Get her set in an activity with the person who is watching her - ega puzzle, or teaparty and make it clear that the supervisor needs to keep playing til you come out. Give her a egg timer and tell her to come tell me when the buzzer goes off. Ask the supervising person to take her for a walk around the block in the pram, If your bathroom has a shower and bath seperate, fill the bath for her and have your shower while she is in the bath, play the radio then too! This is really normal and frustrating but doesn't last forever, as she gets older she will be easier to give an activity and get some peace
    Good Luck

    Answer by myheartx4 at 2:18 AM on Apr. 13, 2010

  • I dunno. My three-year old and my toddler are usually in the shower with me. Other than that there are baby gates I can close so they can't get to me upstairs. I guess your other care-person needs to try some new tricks!

    Answer by Hazelnutkin at 3:41 AM on Apr. 13, 2010

  • umm.. I dont' think its possible. Some times I get up really early so that I can shower alone, but usually one of the toddlers or both will crawl in there with me. I have 5 kids, and about 30 min ago I went to the bathroom to use it, and with in the 5 mins that I was in there, I had two toddlers knocking on the door saying "mommy where are you???" and a four year old ask for more toast, and a 6 year old tattle on his brother for getting a peice of bread.... so really It seems that once your mom, you resign your right to pee or shower in peace and quiet.....

    Answer by Anonymous at 11:44 AM on Apr. 13, 2010

  • I agree with the poster who said it should be the person who's watching her's job to keep her occupied. They could go outside and play or play a game or have a snack... there's always some way to do it. My little one loves her dad but if I close a door she freaks out and only wants me... but my husband is a pro at finding just the right thing to win her over. Obviously if you're home alone with her you can bring her a coloring book and set her up on the bathroom floor. You could also do this if someone else is home, but just instruct that person to come and get her if she starts troubling your peace.

    Answer by EmilySusan at 12:52 PM on Apr. 13, 2010

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