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Bullying in school?

So, yesterday I learned from my kid who goes to pre-K, he is 5 years old, that someone threw sand in his eyes during play time on the playground. I know exactly who that boy is who did this, he is a little 5 year old brat who gets no disciplilne at home and thinks he can get away with anything. My son is a very sweet and sensitive boy who, unfortunately, in this day and age, expects the best from everyone and is nice to everyone. But some of these kids in his class do not act like they are 5 year old, they are so mean and act like teenager with their know it all attitude. Anyways, it breaks my heart to see my son come up to some of these kids and say hi to them, and they just turn away. But that is not the issue, the issue is that I wanted to find out if I should confront the mom and the boy tomorrow about the sand issue, or how should I handle it? Any ideas? Please, anything helps????


Asked by EricandAndreMom at 3:45 AM on Apr. 15, 2010 in School-Age Kids (5-8)

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  • I'm with you mom. No one hurts my kids. Your son sounds alot like my oldest. He had the same issue when he was in Kinder. Unfortunately the teachers have thier hands full and usually dimiss things where the child has no real physical harm.
    I would confront the teacher first. Ask her if she knew this happened and how she corrected the situation. If the other child was reprimanded and in what way. Of course tell your son not to be around children that treat him that way and if someone hurts him to tell a teacher.
    I'll tell you from experience, one boy kept spitting in my sons face. I mean full loogies. The teacher "talked" to his parents but there was no real punishment. I mean that is GROSS and very unsanitary. My son told his teacher every time the boy did this. Well finally my son had had enough and the next time the boy spit on him, he socked him in the mouth. Sorry but I dont blame my son one bit.
    Talk 2 the teacher

    Answer by 4xsthetrouble at 5:00 AM on Apr. 15, 2010

  • I am so sorry that happened to your son. . . it is kind of hard to say. You can leave it alone and tell your son to stay away from him, he doesnt need friends like that. And if the boy does it again or anything that is not right then you can go confront the mom. But if the mom is letting the son get away with pretty much anything she might just be a bully herself and not care.

    Answer by ilybaby8609 at 3:55 AM on Apr. 15, 2010

  • Listen this is one small incident - don't go out all guns blazing on this mom you don't know their situation, and you surely don't know that he gets no discipline at home, you aren't living with them.

    Just explain to your son about how to handle the situation responsibly (AKA when someone hurts him or says anything mean he should go directly to the teacher rather than retaliate) - and if there are any more incidents then talk to the school before you start a war with the mom.

    I don't ever condone any sort of bullying - but there are ways to tactfully go about stopping it without resorting to fighting with the parents and calling a 5 year old a "brat".

    Answer by Anonymous at 3:59 AM on Apr. 15, 2010

  • Unfortunately i do know that he gets no discpline at home, he threw a tantrum in school one day where he was full on hitting his dad and his dad was just doing absolutely nothing. and maybe brat is strong word but you should see some of these kids, I swear they do not act like 5 year olds. They really act like know it all teenagers. I guess the way a child is comes from the house and what they see from their parents. I did not want to go and fight the mom but I did want to tactfully tell her that the behaviour of her child is completely unacceptable because yesterday it was sand, tomorrow it could be rocks. I am not going to be politically correct when it comes down to my child. No one hurts my child, physically or emotionally, period.

    Answer by EricandAndreMom at 4:12 AM on Apr. 15, 2010