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Question for moms that babysit at home for income...

I had a mom contact me through my ad for babysitting.She needs just a backup sitter for when her sister can't babysit. Which this is fine with me. She has already come to our house with him to meet me. At that time she stayed for two and half hours. Well, she needs me to care for him this upcoming Monday. She wants to stop by AGAIN this Thursday with him but now she wants to leave him with me for awhile to see how he does. Well, thats fine too. But should I charge her for this? I mean, I do have other kids to watch that day. I understand she just wants to make sure that he is okay staying here but I really don't want to babysit for free. What would you do?


Asked by Anonymous at 12:48 PM on Apr. 19, 2010 in Money & Work

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Answers (13)
  • I would not charge if it is for like an hour, so that way he can get used to you and you can now what to expect the day you watch him all day !!! I would not charge.

    Answer by ramajil at 12:52 PM on Apr. 19, 2010

  • charge duh

    Answer by staciandababy at 12:49 PM on Apr. 19, 2010

  • duh? nice.
    I meant do I charge for him leaving him here for a short time to see if he interacts with me and the other kids well.
    Does that really require a "duh" Staci?
    Its called business ethnics.

    Answer by Anonymous at 12:52 PM on Apr. 19, 2010

  • Thats what I was thinking too ramajil. thanks.

    Answer by Anonymous at 12:53 PM on Apr. 19, 2010

  • If it is a test run to see how he does with you, you could offer her a discounted rate just for that one time.

    Answer by Anonymous at 12:53 PM on Apr. 19, 2010

  • I would not charge for that little meeting...unless he is there for the day. For an hour or two, no.

    Answer by BradenIsMySon at 12:54 PM on Apr. 19, 2010

  • What would a daycare do?

    They'd charge. Give a discount maybe. It's not abnormal.

    Answer by Skepticchick at 12:54 PM on Apr. 19, 2010

  • I wouldn't charge if it was only an hour or two, but you have to be clear that if it's for more than that you will expect her to pay at least a partial day.

    Answer by Anonymous at 12:57 PM on Apr. 19, 2010

  • Good idea anon :57
    I think thats what I'm worried about, her leaving him for longer than I expect and her not to expect to get charged for it. Thanks. I will mention that to her.

    Answer by Anonymous at 1:01 PM on Apr. 19, 2010

  • as a registered daycare provider i recommend that you charge her your given hourly fee for this service.If you do not do so you will open the door for quick "visits" that she will not compensate you for. I would also advise that you set up a list of rules that you have out to parents so they know what your expectations are. Such as what they need to provide for thier children and what you offer ie. meals, diapers Etc. as well as late pick up charges and daily rates so you will not have future confusion.
    It may be supplimental income but it is still a business which should be clearly defined.

    Answer by DaycaredivaNY at 1:01 PM on Apr. 19, 2010