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does he freaking hate me or what?

so the baby wakes up at 3 last night and usually my husband just sleaps right through it. lastnight he woke up and ended up freaking out on me because he doesnt want to get up that early. i of course said none of us do and he took that as me being a b$$%#. which turned this into a screaming match... i dont know now im a slob..( i get what i can get done, i have a very clingy baby that doesnt really let me get things donr unless she is sleaping) but thats the best he can come up with...i do everything for everyone in this house...including him. but apparenty he doesnt think that what i do compares even slightly to him going to work 3 days a week. like 3 days is so hard, i work 7 days a week and he doesnt give me a break! he ignores half of the things i say to him, has mood swings like a teenage girl, and denies that he ever ignores me when i talked to him about it i started pointing it im a b.


Asked by Anonymous at 10:43 AM on Apr. 22, 2010 in Relationships

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Answers (9)
  • Hate you? NO. He's just showing the Y chromosome defect. It makes them stupid at times.

    Know what you do? Do NOT do all the things you normally do every day. LET THINGS GO unless it's an actual danger (dirty floors and unwashed laundry doesn't count).

    When he asks what the hell tell him you DIDN'T do the things you do every day.

    Answer by gdiamante at 5:10 PM on Apr. 22, 2010

  • i really dont know what you doing with a guy like that. does he hate you no i dont think so, does he need a lot of growing up to do yesssss he does.. girl why you wasting your time with a guy like that, oh please i wouldve left him a LONG TIME AGO!

    Answer by Anonymous at 10:47 AM on Apr. 22, 2010

  • you're baby's clingy and crying often because of the screaming matches.

    a man will never understand, and will forever resent bitc#ing about housework. I know it's hard but eventually you WILL be able to get into a routine for cleaning... especially if you're stay at home. you might even make time to do your nails o nce i a while.

    and also... they all suck about the nighttime crying. and i'll bet he was all promises about how hard you were goinjg to work together for this bbby. and I bet you change every poopy diaper. and since you're so exhausted at the end of the day you go to bed first, you wake up and have to clean up ALL OF HIS WRECKED HOUSE , cigarettes, drinks, litter, foot prints. :|

    i suggest that you never stop defending yourself, just grit your teeth around the baby. if you stop arguinjg in the moment, he'll be forced to find another tactic to break your spirit. don't give in just get better, for yoursefl

    Answer by rucafox at 10:48 AM on Apr. 22, 2010

  • the secound he called you a bitch, i wouldve pack my shit and left. how can you let him disrespect you like that! he need to grow up and be a man. He should have more respect for you , YOUR HIS DUAGHTERS MOTHER, COM'ON

    Answer by Anonymous at 10:49 AM on Apr. 22, 2010

  • oh yeah, when the baby cries at night go into another room.... the livimng room. watch tv... fall asleep there with baby nestled safely onm hyour chest. ... he'll wake up all guilty in the morning after seeing you worked all night with the baby, and you can get a littlesnmippy saying yeah and you baby didn't appreciate gettimng cussed for waking up hungry at night. they do that.

    Answer by rucafox at 10:51 AM on Apr. 22, 2010

  • He should not act like that and you should not have to leave the room just because the baby is crying, although that is easier sometimes, nor should you have to cater to his whiny, only working 3 days a week ass. Not to mention there is no reason to call you a bitch. That was way over the line. You're not in the wrong. He is.

    Answer by wildflowers25 at 11:00 AM on Apr. 22, 2010

  • the baby is clingy bc of all the negative energy in the home

    Answer by Anonymous at 11:23 AM on Apr. 22, 2010

  • does dh hate you? no, he just doesn't respect you. he thinks it's your job to do child and house work and worst of all most guys think we WANT to do it all. Correct him without yelling. Tell him what you need from him but do it while he's awake

    Answer by Anonymous at 11:24 AM on Apr. 22, 2010

  • sounds like mine. only i got called 'stupid bitch ass whore'


    Answer by staciandababy at 2:05 PM on Apr. 22, 2010