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Is it easier or harder with 2 kids?

My son will be 2 in July and I am ready for another baby. Is it to soon to add another baby?


Asked by AlinaM at 12:50 AM on Apr. 23, 2010 in Toddlers (1-2)

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Answers (11)
  • Dont listen to the negative advice, just leave it as a thought, if you think that you are prepared and have thought everything out, then go for it. I myself only have 1, a 19 month old, but as im typing this, my son is to my left asleep, and my friends 3 month old is to the right of me asleep. It depends on you, and how much you can handle. Can you multi task well? do you think you can fill your sons needs and give your son the love and attention he deserves with a little one around? Just a couple things you need to think of first. I personally would already have a second one if we could finacially do that, but unfortunatly for me we cant right now, but i run a home based daycare, of normally around 3 -6 kids, all age ranges, and its all about spreading your attention out, and making sure their safe. but i believe, from one mommy to another, you'll know exactly how to handle any given situation with another to the picture :)

    Answer by colbysmommie95 at 1:15 AM on Apr. 23, 2010

  • LOL! 1 child is nothing. I have to laugh at how many women think the way you do. It's a whole other ball game with 2 or more Sweetie. My daughter couldn't wait to have another when granddaughter turned 3. She had a very rude awakening after the second was born. She is now working full time, a single mom, and rarely leaves the house because two are just too much trouble to try and take anywhere without help. I waited four and a half years to have another. That was perfect because my four and a half year old understood the whole big sister thing. No jealousy at all. My daughter on the other hand, had it very rough and still does. I would wait, but that's just my advice... take it or leave it.

    Answer by Anonymous at 12:55 AM on Apr. 23, 2010

  • It"s hard with one, so adding more yes it gets harder. I have a 6yr old, 3yr old, and 2yr old. It was hard in the beginning, but you adjust and the #1 thing is you need to set order and daily rutines or it will get caotic. Congrats

    Answer by dkej242 at 12:56 AM on Apr. 23, 2010

  • its up to you. myh first two were only 20 months apart, which was closer than i hoped for, but I survived and my boys LOVE eachother :) they are now 22 months and 3 1/2 yrs and I'm expecting again in Sept. Its a lot of work, but its worth it and its nice to have them close so they can be buddies :)

    Answer by Precious333 at 12:57 AM on Apr. 23, 2010

  • Yes, Its a lot harder. You have to choose.. ok do I continue feeding the baby, or do I get what my other child is asking for. "Oh.. You need help using the potty, well sorry I have to finish this first with the baby" yes.. its harder. You gotta put one on hold for the other, and they almost always seem to need something at the same time. If both are hurt.. what do you do? you have to choose. If both are hungry.. you have to choose. If one wants to cuddle.. you have to choose. Its tough stuff! I'm already choosing plenty one over the other, or the other.. and now I'm expecting again from a slip up and ganna have to narrow it down again. Choosing is a lot harder also when its a toddler and a baby, they're both so little and need you so much.

    Answer by MJ_BN_FE at 1:02 AM on Apr. 23, 2010

  • Well when I went from 1 to 2 my oldest was in school so it wasn't so bad. I now have 3 with the oldest in school and the youngest 2 just under 2 years apart. It is easier with only having 1 or having 2 with 1 being in school.

    Answer by JAIRATRACI at 1:03 AM on Apr. 23, 2010

  • also, on a positive note, not only would the children be closer in age and have a better chance of getting along, but if you did decide two was all you wanted, you'd be done with diapers, and daycare [if you put your son in daycare) and potty training and all the other things that come with tots around the same timee, instead of later .

    anyways good luck on whatever you decide.

    Answer by colbysmommie95 at 1:19 AM on Apr. 23, 2010

  • Closer in age has nothing to do with them getting along. My first two are 15 months apart and they fight like cats and dogs, both girls. My 14 year old step daughter and my 2 year old get along wonderfully.. Its personalities.

    Answer by MJ_BN_FE at 1:27 AM on Apr. 23, 2010

  • My kids have a 5 year difference and yea, it's very hard having two. Especially since oldest doesn't really listen and the younger is going through roid rage bc his doctors gave him steroids for his asthma. No matter what having a child will be hard. But I think the real question is, is it too soon for YOU? Because if it is than there's your answer.

    Answer by SinaiJ at 4:12 AM on Apr. 23, 2010

  • My stepboys are a yr and 12 days apart, so now they are 4 & 5. Some days it's good, cuz they have each other to entertain themselves..other days all they seem to do is fight. I mean hitting, kicking, biting...the whole thing. Even though they are very protective of each other...they can also be very jealous of each other too. Once when DH was giving the older one a swat for smashing a truck into his brothers face...that same little brother came up behind dad and nailed him in the fanny for spanking the older one. Makes no sense sometimes.

    I'd say if you think you can handle it, go for it. You might not get much sleep for the next few years, but like I tell DH a lot...sleep is over rated anyway! lol

    Answer by daisy521 at 5:38 AM on Apr. 23, 2010