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What's the best advice you would give to 1st time Father-to-be?


Asked by Anonymous at 8:19 AM on Apr. 26, 2010 in Pregnancy

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Answers (21)
  • Be there. Right now your wife is exhausted, her hormones are actually worse than what they were from pregnancy, she's doing things she's never had to do, probably trying to feed a human with her breasts, and just went through a major ordeal. Be patient, put her and the baby first and don't breathe the word sex until she does. If you haven't learned yet, now is the time to learn that the best way to win her adoration is by doing little things, like taking out the garbage, making a snack or meal and doing laundry. And offer to rub her feet.

    Answer by mrs_pulley at 9:48 AM on Apr. 26, 2010

  • Don't let all the responsibility overwhelm you, share duties 50/50 and you will be regarded as much as mom!

    Answer by older at 8:23 AM on Apr. 26, 2010

  • Be more patient and understanding of Mommy. She's learning about your new baby too. Also, even though it seems like Mommy is giving Baby more attention, don't worry, she is giving what she can to you. It all works out.

    Answer by Robsmommy at 8:24 AM on Apr. 26, 2010

  • Learn how to still have time. LOL

    Answer by Energ8zr at 8:55 AM on Apr. 26, 2010

  • To not expect your wife to be ready for sex for awhile. Her body just went through a tremendous change in the last nine months, it could take up to a year or so before all of her homones and things to settle back down. Also her body may never be the same again, some women's bodies react different. She's also liable to need more sleep then before, you can help by either helping around the house &/or not getting on her about the house not being spotless.

    Also if you're scared or nervous about doing things with the baby, talk with her, sharing your feelings will bring you closer together. Being there for her to sort of "protect" her from grandmothers good intentions can help too. I remember being bombarded with all sorts of conflicting "advice" that just confused me and frankly ticked me off since they treated me like I was a complete idiot. She may need to lean on you like never before, be there for her.

    Answer by daisy521 at 8:56 AM on Apr. 26, 2010

  • ask your wife what you can do to help.

    Answer by happy2bmom25 at 9:01 AM on Apr. 26, 2010

  • your child comes before everything in your life, even yourself.

    Answer by samurai_chica at 9:11 AM on Apr. 26, 2010

  • That babies don't break, they are tougher than they look so don't be afraid to get in there and be hands-on active dad--- change diapers, feed the baby (maybe take turns and alternate at night feedings), help with baths, and most of all take the time to snuggle and cuddle with your baby!
    Also-- remember your wife just gave birth- her body is still sore, she is probably very tired and drained from taking care of the baby-- so put your sex drive on the back burner- cause chances are that is the last thing on her mind right now. She is going to need your help and support, so be understanding, help out with housework/cooking/laundry.

    Answer by MizLee at 9:25 AM on Apr. 26, 2010

  • Your wallet will NEVER be the same.

    Answer by ambr2006 at 9:46 AM on Apr. 26, 2010

  • The best thing you can do for your family, is be there! All the money in the world can not replace anything that you'll miss while making it. Support and love your wife, lead your family by God's example, talk with your wife about things other than the child, compliment each other, don't expect your wife to be supermom right away and disregard the laundry or dishes....for as long as it takes! NEVER ask her what she does all day! Never compare the hard work that you do to the hard work she does with the baby, too many people make it "competition." Love each other, do little things to make each other feel's easy to get lost in the nuance of parenthood and forget that you're a married couple. Kiss her each day you leave, and when you arrive home. Keep the lines of communication open, it's good to talk about how frustrated you both will be will less sleep, less sex, less everything.

    Answer by Julians_Momma at 10:30 AM on Apr. 26, 2010