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How has Second-wave feminism had a negative effect on the family unit?

I am writing an essay on the negative effects of second wave feminism on the family unit...I was hoping to get opinions from other mothers from all aspects... FYI.. second wave feminism is feminism from the 60's and 70's.. Any help will be really appreciated... and please let me know if you have a problem quoting you in my essay.. It won't be published... It is for my college English class.

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Asked by ALASKATABBY at 6:51 PM on Apr. 26, 2010 in Politics & Current Events

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  • I think the second wave of feminism was no longer about being equal but about driving the point home women are better then men. The time would have been right if the only thing they wanted was to be equal. Feminism is the f word at once it used to have a good meaning now it just represents the man haters and angry women.

    Answer by pinkdragon36 at 6:55 PM on Apr. 26, 2010

  • I'm in my 50's and had my first child in the 70's. A popular tv commercial at the time showed a woman cooking bacon and she says something like I can bring home the bacon and cook it up too. I wonder if you can find it on youtube. We were being told we should have it all or we were letting something/someone (society/women/?) down. I felt like a failure because I couldn't breastfeed, work full time, go to college full time (of course get As), and be a great wife. I quit work, found La Leche League, and figured out that I could have it all, just not all at once.

    Divorce rates exploded in the 1970s and I think that was what changed the family unit more than feminism. Why did divorce rates explode? I think that is the important question.


    Answer by Gailll at 7:09 PM on Apr. 26, 2010

  • More mothers are choosing to be career women instead of moms. There are some amazing women out there that can be both, but they are the exception and not the rule. Society in general, sometimes including our hubands, think that we should be able to do everything. The truth is, if we're at work we can't know that our children are getting into trouble unless someone let's us know. The problem with that is that people don't want to put themselves out there because they could be attacked by a crazy parent screaming at them to mind their own fking business. If the village was united, the family unit would survive with parents not being at home all the time. The other way it could go is the way it has in Japan. People are choosing career's over family and just not having children they won't be there to raise. Japan's birth rate is going down.

    Answer by Anonymous at 7:11 PM on Apr. 26, 2010

  • It has allowed women the freedom of CHOICES in her life so she dont have to STAY with teh LOSER that cheats on and beats her

    If anything impacts the modern family its ECONOMICS. Most households need two working parents ...and THAT impacts the family unit


    Answer by sweet-a-kins at 7:14 PM on Apr. 26, 2010

  • Feminists are man haters and angry women. LOL. The definition of a feminist is someone that thinks women and men should have equal rights under the law. Anyone that says they aren't a feminist, male or female, should be ashamed.

    AlaskaTabby do you know about the 3rd Wave and Rebecca Walker, Alice Walker's granddaughter and the 3rd Wave Foundation.

    Of course women are better than men. The Y chromosome is actually a defective X chromosome with a missing leg. Women can do everything men can do and they can also bear children and breastfeed them. The only thing some men have is more upper body strength. Who needs that?


    Answer by Gailll at 7:15 PM on Apr. 26, 2010

  • Why have divorce rates exploded? Because women women are working? Maybe because they think they don't need men anymore and can do it all by themselves, so what is the point of being married? If a child can be raised by just one parent why are teen pregnancy rates and drug rates and crime rates sky rocketing? Why does it seem they went on the rise when feminism really took hold of society.. And if you need two incomes now why does everyone get divorced? Most marriages end in divorce.. it is not uncommon for someone to be divorced... Is feminism better for the family? or is it better for a child to grow up with divorced parents??? Sometimes it is.. 60 years ago men respected women just because they were women.. there were men who beat their wives and left their children then but why are there so much more??? I am not attacking anyones opinion just wanna to give you something more to think about..

    Answer by ALASKATABBY at 7:25 PM on Apr. 26, 2010

  • Gailll,

    Yeah I have ready about third-wave feminism.. I am not saying all feminism is bad.. I agree things needed to change.. equal rights, equal pay and all... but why didn't it stop there? Why did Betty Friedan take it as far to say the house wife is "waste of a human self" and a parasite.. why is being a housewife/stay at home mom become such a bad thing... why can't a woman be successful in raising her children and taking care of her home and husband???

    Answer by ALASKATABBY at 7:31 PM on Apr. 26, 2010

  • I can't really cite examples of how it's had a negative effect on the family unit, can't think of any at this moment. I do think that the core problem with it is that they went too far. They got too extreme with trying to prove better than men, stronger than men, don't need men. This has led to women feeling the need to justify it when they want to stay at home with their children, when they want to work a "less" job so that they have more time with their families, anything that is considered "old fashioned". It also gave men an excuse to treat women poorly and pretend they're not doing it. Those men don't help with housework, kids, etc., and then say "but this is what you wanted." Of course, that is NOT all men.

    Answer by tropicalmama at 7:38 PM on Apr. 26, 2010

  • I feel like it was good and bad. It was good because it did expand the options of women, but I do feel there is a "just a mom" feeling that started in this movement/era. Sometimes, I get the idea, being a stay-at-home mom, that I'm slacking or somehow diminished because I don't also have a profession ( and I am college-educated). I hate to say, I think, mostly, working women are the ones who perpetuate this- not all, but some.

    Answer by Hazelnutkin at 7:45 PM on Apr. 26, 2010

  • I think feminism is a devastating to the famliy I saw my mom ass end only walking of to do her thang .
    Now she wants to be buddies and hang out
    Children are not being raised they are being managed

    Answer by Anonymous at 7:50 PM on Apr. 26, 2010

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