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How can I make my kids listen to me the first time I call their names?

Like for instance I need them to do a chore or call them to eat dinner Etc...I get upset cuz I want them to answer me the first time I call their names cuz I need them for something, or when I tell my 9 years old to clean his room, or brush his teeth he's like i'm sorry mommy I forgot.. So it would be nice to have some good tips on how to make my kids to listen the first time....I'd really really apreciate any help..

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Asked by Kajandra at 12:38 AM on Apr. 27, 2010 in General Parenting

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Answers (10)
  • when you figure it out write it down and sell it as a book... you will make MILLIONS

    Answer by Anonymous at 12:40 AM on Apr. 27, 2010

  • are you callin the right name? it took my dad about 4 tries before he would find the right name.

    Answer by Anonymous at 12:41 AM on Apr. 27, 2010

  • Yes, I do...

    Answer by Kajandra at 12:49 AM on Apr. 27, 2010

  • Just call them, thing one and thing two,,,,sometimes I call thing two,,chocolate thunder,,lol

    Answer by Anonymous at 12:53 AM on Apr. 27, 2010

  • Lol. That's funny, but not seriously I wan t to find a way that they can listen so I don't have to get to the point of getting upset, cuz I don't like it...

    Answer by Kajandra at 1:24 AM on Apr. 27, 2010

  • What i do is if my son does not respond to me I first decide did he hear me or is he ignoring me!? If he is ignoring me he sits in time out! If he does not want to sit in time-out then he will come when he is called the first time. My son is 3 so I can tell if it will work as he gets older guess I will see!!

    Answer by lovemlotz at 3:26 AM on Apr. 27, 2010

  • Welcome to childhood. I call it selective hearing. They select when and what to hear. They are also feeling out boundaries - the how BAD will I be punished if I don't do this NOW - kind of boundaries.

    For dinner issues - call their names once, then sit down and start eating with whom ever shows up. If they don't show up at the table ,then they don't get dinner. Won't kill them to not eat a meal.

    Cleaning age 9 - he needs to be told specifics, go clean the under your bed, go put your clothes in the hamper, etc.

    Answer by twinsplus2more at 9:33 AM on Apr. 27, 2010

  • My kids are 11, 10 & 7. We tell them ONCE. If you have to be told twice, then it isn't obedience. Then, there is punishment. If they say "I forgot", then we remind them that they wouldn't "forget" if they obeyed immediately. It was something that had to be VERY consistent while they were really young. They catch on pretty quick. If they do not learn to obey immediately....there will be bigger problems down the road.

    Answer by TimandMely4ever at 10:57 AM on Apr. 27, 2010

  • If they don't hear me, then I don't hear them. Maybe it's childish, but it works. Same works for using "I forgot." Gee, mommy forgets stuff too. Coincidence? Nope.

    Answer by Pnukey at 12:30 PM on Apr. 27, 2010

  • If I holler and he don't answer (and I know he heard me), then I spank him.

    We got a "show yourself rule" When I holler, I wanna see you. Not in a min, but right then.

    For me its a peace of mind thing. I want to know that he is ok and within distance. I don't mind that I can't always see him, (like if he's behind something or crouched down) but I always want him to answer me.

    Answer by lstrickland at 11:51 PM on Apr. 27, 2010

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