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does anyone have a child under 5 who wears glasses?

my daughter will be 3 on may 3rd and im thinking of making her an appt. If you have a young kid who wear glasses, how old r they and how did you know they needed them? What signs did they show? im not sure if my daughter needs them or if she is just clumsey. she constantly falls, trips, and runs into things.

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Asked by luvnmybabies05 at 8:25 PM on Apr. 28, 2010 in Health

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  • I took my sons to the eye doctor early on because my husband and I both had terrible eyesight before we had LASIK. I figure they will both need glasses at some point, and I was told that they should get eye exams after age 3. My oldest son got his glasses at 4 or 5, and my youngest still doesn't need them yet.

    Answer by JulieJacobKyle at 8:48 PM on Apr. 28, 2010

  • My daughter is 3 and started wearing them in January.

    She kept blinking and saying her left eye was cloudy....So we took her and they said she has a slight stigmatism (sp) .... They actually said she didnt NEED them now, but since she was starting to learn to read and if she gets on the computer or watches tv, it would be best if she went ahead and got them now, especially if she was going to start school next year this way she can get use to it now, becasue she would need them when she went to school.

    I was actually worried about her losing them, breaking them, or leaving them on....and also I have a very touchy, grabby 1 y/o son....but to my surprise they both do very well with it - she remembers every morning to put them on and she loves wearing them ( they are pink princess ) ..and my son has only grabbed them once...

    Answer by glamomomo at 10:17 PM on Apr. 28, 2010

  • My son was barely 18 months old when he first went to the eye dr. His eyes started crossing and since it runs in my family, I had it checked immediately. Bad vision is also common in my family so I was certain that unless he was luckily enough to take after his father, he'd probably need glasses because I am legally blind in one eye. He has worn glasses almost always since he was 18 months old. He is now almost 6 and its obvious he has some issues when he isnt wearing them. If I were you, I would go ahead and make her an appointment, its really best to get the correction started as soon as possible. Good luck!

    Answer by daikinsmom0615 at 10:18 PM on Apr. 28, 2010

  • Definitely get her in if you have any concerns. My dd was 4 when we had her eyes checked and she got glasses at 4 1/2. It has been a constant issue since then - and she is now 7. Her right eye turns in and she can not see "3-D" - she has depth perception problems, but with therapy she is getting better. Her eye specialist has been doing this for 30 years and he said he has never seen someone with such complicated eyesight. But we would have never known if we hadn't gotten her in - AND by catching it early she has a better chance at improvement. We have been doing vision therapy and other things to get her better - and it is working!!! She puts them on right away in the morning and takes them off again at night. We bought the Easy Twist ones - they are a bit more flexible and forgiving. She picked them out, though. I think that is important. If they don't like them, they will be less likely to wear them.

    Answer by mama2000_1 at 11:23 PM on Apr. 28, 2010

  • Oh - I forgot - you said your dd constantly falls, trips, and runs into things. What about stairs - does she do ok with them, or is she hesitant when climbing or descending them? Do you know how people will hold a baby above their heads and look up at them while the baby looks down? My dd was only a few months old (maybe 6 or 7) and we would do that and she would totally freak!! She would grab onto my shirt like she thought I was going to throw her or something!! And she has always had a hard time with stairs (like above), been clumsy (thought she just took after me! lol), and would trip all the time. NOW I understand - she has NO depth perception, so could not tell where things were in relation to her and each other. So when I would try to hold her above my head, she probably FELT LIKE I was going to throw her!! And once she had her glasses she was much more confident on the stairs and definitely is more coordinated!!

    Answer by mama2000_1 at 11:29 PM on Apr. 28, 2010

  • My dd was 3 when I first took her. She was looking at books and getting really close to them Also me her dad and our parents all wear glasses she had no choice lol.

    Answer by ShireeCS at 1:38 AM on Apr. 29, 2010

  • My son, Landon, has had his glasses since he was 3 due to having strabismus (a disorder in which the eyes do not line up in the same direction when focusing) and astigmatism in his right eye. For him, it was pretty much when he attempted to focus on us while we were talking to him, his right eye would move slightly outward before coming back in. We thought it was a lazy eye but it turned out to be strabismus (which is often confused with being lazy eye) He is almost 6 now and still wears his glasses.

    One thing I do reccomend when getting your daughter glasses (if she will need them) is get a pair that she loves. But also make sure, since she's very young and active, that you get a pair that have the little wire hooks to go around the ears. They work wonders.

    Answer by Mina2904 at 9:13 AM on Apr. 29, 2010

  • My son had glasses around 18 months. He had the same signs you mentioned being clumsy, tripping over alot. After getting him into glasses at such an early age it actually corrected his eyes some and he only needs to wear them for reading now. He is 11.

    Answer by lablaw1126 at 9:17 AM on Apr. 29, 2010

  • My son was always a clumsy kid but because we didn't have insurance I didn't take him in just relied on the pediatrician who said he seemed fine. Um the eye chart lied, I took him in as soon as we had insurance (he was 4) because I still felt I should check. He was almost blind. He had 3 years of intensive therapy and thick glasses but thankfully although he still wears glasses his eyes improved and he hasn't needed a new prescription for 2 years. His eye doctor says we should plan to have lasik done on him when he finishes growing but that won't be for a long time. I would not spend a lot of money on frames and be sure to get a standard frame because when he was younger he would go through 3-4 pair a year no matter how much we spent. Now that he is 14 he generally only goes through 2 pair of frames, but he's a very active kid.

    Answer by t3dragonflies at 9:40 AM on Apr. 29, 2010

  • I don't have kids that young, however, my niece's daughter Harley is 4 now and got glasses when she was 3. The natural mother left and never took care of her kids anyway, so when my niece and her husband got custody, they took her to the eye doctor. It was a good thing they did. The eye dr said they came at the right time, b/c Harley needed glasses bad. She almost went blind b/c of the natural mom's neglect. So, sad!! Harley is now doing fine, and does pretty well wearing glasses. She has the kind that hooks around her ear for more stability. Harley was stumbling around and tripping and falling all the time before she got glasses. Now, she doesn't. You never know what is actually going on with a child's eyes until you take them to the doctor. Please make an appt!!!!!

    Answer by michel30014 at 11:13 AM on Apr. 29, 2010

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