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I don't want to be my mother..but I'm afraid I can't escape my fate

My mother isn't a bad mom..she's just very tough on me in particular because I'm the only one who obeyed her. She made me cry today..said I was ungrateful and a horrible kid just because I didn't want to get curtains that I couldn't afford. We are having a baby shower at my husband and I being strapped for money decided to wait on getting curtains.. my mom feels throwing a baby shower with no curtains is an embarassment. Are there traits in your parents that you have but wish you can escape from?


Asked by Anonymous at 5:54 PM on Apr. 29, 2010 in Relationships

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Answers (3)
  • my mom used to be amazing- PTA meetings, all the neighborhood kids loved her, i loved hanging out with her, etc..

    then one day, she flipped. she's a horrible mom- she beat on me when i was younger, she beats on my little sister (4 y/o), all she does is yell and scream. she's not stable in any way- financially, mentally or emotionally.. or even a stable home! her and my 4 year old sis lives in a hotel right now! this is there 5th move since my sis's birth!

    i'm afraid that i'll be the best mom until my son turns 10, cuz thats the age that i was when she flipped. ds is only 4 and i already see some of her traits come out in me- my temper is short, i am yelling at DS more, i dont spend quality time with him, etc.. but the good thing about being able to see it, is that you/I have the ability to change it, even correct it within ourselves. after we are exposed to something, we cannot turn a blind eye to it.

    Answer by Shy_Dia at 7:45 PM on Apr. 29, 2010

  • Oh yes! There are things both my parents do that drive me crazy, and yet I find myself doing the exact same things. Sometimes i over-compensate and do something that is too extreme because I am try not to do it like them. For instance, my parents are both very indecisive and will put off making a decision until it is a crisis; sometimes i do that, and other times I make snap decisions just so i can say a decision has been made.

    Answer by Anonymous at 5:58 PM on Apr. 29, 2010

  • My question to shy is have you ever thought about sitting down and have a chat with your mom and find out what's going on instead of slandering her?...You say she was a good Mom and flipped ...Be a daughter and help your Mom ...Since you and your hubby are mentally and financially stable help your Mother so she dont have to live in a hotel and move around often!!! And to the statement posted....Let your Mom know that you are an adult now and if you and your hubby cant afford curtains so what!! Dont be embarass!..It's your life ...Your Mom did her job now it's time to do your's! There are traits of our parents that I believe some of us would like not to have but always remember YOU CAN BREAK IT IF YOU WANT!

    Answer by apple31 at 8:16 PM on Apr. 29, 2010