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I have a 2 mo old baby boy and he cries all the time. My daughter was good and never cried all the time and she would just chill but our son will cry when you put him down or if we're carrying him and sitting he'll cry BUT if we pick him up or stand up with him he'll stop so we think he's spoiled. Any advice on how we can unspoil him????

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Asked by Anonymous at 10:07 PM on Apr. 30, 2010 in Babies (0-12 months)

Answers (13)
  • I honestly don't believe a baby that young can be spoiled.

    Answer by Anonymous at 10:10 PM on Apr. 30, 2010

  • cough cough..troll

    Answer by mommy16love at 10:13 PM on Apr. 30, 2010

  • A lot of people will say you can't really spoil and under 4-month-old...their minds just aren't developed enough for that yet.

    You may just have a Colicky baby; it's common for under 4-month-olds.

    I had a colicky baby...what can I say. It's nice to do what you can to comfort them, but do give yourself permission to take care of your basic needs. If you need to put him down long enough to shower, just do it.

    Answer by Anonymous at 10:15 PM on Apr. 30, 2010

  • You cant spoil a 2 month old. Get a good wrap or sling and wear him.

    Answer by TanyaR1024 at 10:17 PM on Apr. 30, 2010

  • Have you ever heard of colic? That is probably what your son has.

    Answer by JAIRATRACI at 10:18 PM on Apr. 30, 2010

  • At 2 months old, babies are not "spoiled". Just imagine how frustrating it must be to want something and not be able to communicate what you want. Babies are helpless and as parents its up to us to figure out what thier cries means. Your daughter being a "good" baby is no meausre on how your son should be. Babies have personalities just like people do. A baby that young will cry quite a bit because the baby is trying to tell you they need something. Whether it be a soothing white noise sound, food, diaper change, a close embrace, massage, or even a change in position. I took many car rides for no reasons just to soothe my baby. Thats what made her feel comforted so thats what I did. You need to figure out what your baby is telling you.

    Answer by lawmom27 at 10:19 PM on Apr. 30, 2010

  • colic. babies bliss gripe water. you can find it at walgreens or target. it works great!!

    Answer by Preggydyke at 10:35 PM on Apr. 30, 2010

  • It sounds like it COULD be colic or maybe your baby just loves to be held at this point. You cannot spoil a baby this young. This is the age they need you most and need to feel a connection to you. I agree with trying the slings and carrying him around. You could also talk to the doc about maybe switching formulas and trying one that is suggested for colicky babies. Good luck

    Answer by Ctink8189 at 11:36 PM on Apr. 30, 2010

  • Seriously.... please look into acid reflux. Do your homework, educate yourself this weekend, call your ped on monday. The little guy is probably in pain for acid coming up burning his esophogus. When you hold him upright it a) helps keep his stomach contense down and b) when you don't feel good, a warm snuggle from someone who loves you always makes it more bearable. :)

    Answer by karamille at 12:14 AM on May. 1, 2010

  • I agree with karamille. Maybe he's Colic but I've heard of babies having acid reflux. That's what it sounds like to me. I would talk to your baby's pediatrician if I were you

    Answer by candydimples at 12:52 AM on May. 1, 2010

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