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I just wanna lose this ugly fat please help!!!

Let me start by sayin i DONT care how long it takes me i want to lose 90 pounds. i am now about 239 5'7. i would like to be about 150-170. i know thats still over weight but i can deal with that. i am now eating better but not gr8 and no pasta no soda no junk foods...i do sneak it every now and then at first i was dropping pounds by the week now i completely stop!!! also have been working out 5 days a week mon-fri at least 30 mins med intensity. Also walk 3 times a week from 2-8 miles a day. I was thinking of step arobics i have it om my wii maybe 4 times a week for 30 mins? I also have a bender ball not sure what to do with that???? also weight balls, walking hand weight, small dumbells and a huge exercise ball. I just wanna be HAPPY again any help i would love...any web sites or anything of that sorte thanks


Asked by Anonymous at 12:36 AM on May. 1, 2010 in Diet & Fitness

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Answers (9)
  • Losing weight is all about the net caloric intake. Some people simply have slow metabolisms, which means you have work that much harder at either burning the calories off, or not taking it in. What a lot of people think as "diet" foods-- diet soda, lowfat yogurt-- are diet killers because they contain additives that make you want more food!

    The more muscle you have, the more calories you burn, so you want to increase your overall muscle mass. Your best bet is to not only watch what you eat, drink lots of water to fill you up, including eating foods with lots of water (i.e. watermelon), and do an aerobic strength training workout. One way is to run for 5 minutes at a reasonable pace, do 2 sets of weights, then run again, do 2 sets of different weight exercises, etc. Keeping your body "running" during your workout will work wonders!

    Answer by Busimommi at 12:54 AM on May. 1, 2010

  • sounds like you're headed the right way, but could there be something medically wrong with you? i'm 5'8" 187lbs but can't lose it b/c of hormonal issues, will soon be on med for it though anyways GL i hope you reach your goal

    Answer by Anonymous at 12:46 AM on May. 1, 2010

  • i know what you mean! i am abut 215 at 5'6 and i used to be thin! (never a bone, but 143 when i was in high school and was hotttt lol) and when i wasn't playing softball 3 hours a day 6 days a week, i got up to about 160, and still looked good (muscle weighs more than fat and i think i held onto that *shrug*) so i was techincally overweight but i looked and felt good there.
    and then i got preggo, no matter the exercise i gained 60 lbs with that and then i got depressed, ate, etc etc... BUT i am really bad with making my own strategy, so i am gonna try this "diet" book called Fat Smash... ive heard good things!
    however, muscle burns fat, so if you get in circuit training too that could help.
    anyway, that book is 8.50 at wal mart, and gives you food and exercises to help you out!

    Answer by missbreezy214 at 12:53 AM on May. 1, 2010

  • try vegan for 30days and see if that will get u out of the rut

    Answer by Anonymous at 12:56 AM on May. 1, 2010

  • Honey, it sounds like you are headed in the right direction! Let me add this; DRINK WATER!! I drank only water--OMG YES IT IS HARD to deprive yourself of all those wonderful sodas juice, milk etc.. But I drank nothing but water at every meal, carried water in my car with me all last summer, and soon my body began to crave the water. So I began to drink 64 ozs every day--the equivalent of eight 8 oz glasses. Of course I worked out every day, ate NO SUGAR (type 1 diabetic), and followed a diet for type O+ blood to lose belly fat , which means i had to stop eating all pork, potatoes, corn, olives, certain nuts, etc. BUT IT WORKED. i am now 5'7" and weigh 138. Feeling great, I take vitamins, drink a protein shake every day, and am healthier than i was at 20!
    You can do it!!

    Answer by Aprilmorgans at 1:27 AM on May. 1, 2010

  • Diets and diet aids (if they even work) are temporary fixes. Unless you learn how to eat healthy for life, you will not be able to maintain a healthy weight and will stay on the gain/lose roller coaster - frustrating for you and hard on your body. Drink at least 8 8oz glasses of water every day. Eat 5-6 servings of whole grains (brown rice, whole grain bread, etc.) every day. Eat 7-8 servings of fruits and vegetables every day, in at least 3 different colors. Eat at least 2 servings of legumes every day. You will lose weight. You will have more energy. You will maintain a healthy weight. You will get sick less often. You will be setting a wonderful example for your children. You can get free meal plans and recipes from Dr. McDougall, or find his books at your local library:
    Eat an apple or a big pile of vegetables before meals

    Answer by rkoloms at 7:41 AM on May. 1, 2010

  • Do you know how many calories a day you HAVE to consume in order to survive?? It is essential that you know your basal metabolic rate before beginning any program of change. Once you know your BMR you can figure out how many calories you need in order to survive if you sat around all day long and did nothing. If you want to lose one pound per week, you drop that number by 500 calories.
    If you are not eating enough calories, your body will go into starvation mode and begin to burn muscle instead of fat. Track your calories for a few days and that will help you as well. I write down everything that I eat as well as weigh it out on a scale. I've lost 32 lbs since December doing this and Dh has lost 50. I started at 167 lbs at 5'1" and now I'm 134 with 19 more lbs to go to my goal weight.
    I also work out 6 days a week... running is a great way to lose weight by the way! PM me if you want some more tips...

    Answer by mcginnisc at 7:46 AM on May. 1, 2010

  • I have lost my weight with Herbalife. However, it is a lifestyle change but I think you are already on that lifestyle change. The products helped me with everything. I lost over 60 pounds in 6 months.

    Answer by pageantgirl3 at 8:01 PM on May. 2, 2010

  • I used nutritional rebalancing/cleansing to lose weight and keep it off. Message me if you want more info.

    Answer by mom2threets at 10:03 PM on May. 2, 2010