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Do you think these opinions are okay?

please refrain from spewing that crap about these idiots fighting for my freedom. Apparently my freedom was fought for and received a long time before I was even born, so therefore none of these idiots in the military today have had anything to do with that. That is the first thing you people spew and it is total bull, find a new argument for your homicidal spouses and family members please.


Asked by Anonymous at 2:28 AM on May. 3, 2010 in Just for Fun

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Answers (21)
  • I am not even sure at the moment what my point is other than teens(who are children after all, even though they like to think of themselves otherwise) are nothing more than worthless empty-headed idiots in general! I really HATE teenagers!!!!!

    Answer by Anonymous at 2:28 AM on May. 3, 2010

  • These are parts of journal posts from a certain someone who claims to "tell the truth". Seems she has a very demented, twisted view on the world. Feel sorry for her! I'll post a few more.

    Answer by Anonymous at 2:30 AM on May. 3, 2010

  • I will be the first on here to say without going anon. WTF are you talking about?

    Answer by Whatkids at 2:30 AM on May. 3, 2010

  • Really? You don't think that your freedom is being protected everyday? ignorance is bliss I guess.


    Answer by Anonymous at 2:31 AM on May. 3, 2010

  • Please don't.... This is still a TOS violation. Just ignore her if you dislike her so much!

    Answer by SleepingBeautee at 2:31 AM on May. 3, 2010

  • Please don't. That is not ethical. If you don't like her, fine, but don't call her out on here. It is not the right thing to do and just stirs up trouble.

    Answer by Whatkids at 2:31 AM on May. 3, 2010

  • Here's another of hers...

    I am just so shocked at how extremely stupid you people are. Even the moms with 3 plus kids and such, I only have one and I knew close to everything about babies and raising children the proper way a VERY long time before I even became a mother. The stupidity I see on this site on a daily basis is disturbing to me and it makes me worry about our future. Do not get me wrong though, I am not talking about book smarts. I am referring to the basics of child-rearing (which I knew WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY before I became a mom at age 32(which is late now-a -days). So many of you people are just so clueless about childcare, it really worries me. I truely hope your children turn out to be leaders and not followers(of yourseves)!

    Answer by Anonymous at 2:40 AM on May. 3, 2010

  • Thank you Whatkids!! This is me, not hiding behind anything that is why my words were on display for all to read. I have nothing to hide and I am proud to stand up and admit to every word I type and speak for that matter! Enough said from this grown-up!

    Answer by truthteller0722 at 2:41 AM on May. 3, 2010

  • LOL

    Answer by BlooBird at 2:42 AM on May. 3, 2010

  • Anon at 1:31...

    I DO know that my freedom is protected and I admire anyone who risks his/her lives for our country...this was a journal that I came across and it shocked me. The other random answers are also from the same person. I think people should know what kind of a person this "woman" is.

    Answer by Anonymous at 2:45 AM on May. 3, 2010