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How would you do it?

I have to do laundry by myself with a baby. I don't have a washer and dryer in my home cause I live in public housing. They provide a cheap laundromat just a block or two away. How do I carry in the laundry with the baby? Leave her in the car and carry the laundry in, or take her in and leave her in the laundry mat alone while I carry the laundry in? Or if you think of a better idea please share, any advice is welcome. Thank you.


Asked by Anonymous at 9:36 AM on May. 5, 2010 in General Parenting

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Answers (11)
  • Use a baby sling that leaves both hands free to deal with the laundry.

    Answer by older at 9:45 AM on May. 5, 2010

  • Can you put her in a baby carrier on your front? I would put it in a big plastic hamper so I could drag it behind me. They also have bags like duffle bags that have a shoulder strap.

    Answer by ria7 at 9:38 AM on May. 5, 2010

  • Baby carriers are aweesome and you can find a good one for $30.

    Answer by JoMcD at 9:50 AM on May. 5, 2010

  • is she a small baby? like under a year? do they have hampers or laundry carts there? do you have a stroller? is your area safe to leave your laundry unattended for a minute? if it were me i would take the laundry out first and put it by the door(while keeping an eye on the car) and then go get the baby out leave her in the car seat and take her just inside by the door so i could drag the rest of the laundry in and then finish with her. if that makes sense lol.

    Answer by secondtyme520 at 9:54 AM on May. 5, 2010

  • Never never never never never never NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Never leave your baby unattended! Do you know what kind of awful people hang out at laundromats? OMG

    Answer by flaggot13 at 9:58 AM on May. 5, 2010

  • flaggot13 really if she is parked right there and can see the car at all times what is so bad. Awful people hanging around laundromats. Hmm I never heard of that and I went to a laundrmat for like 12 years but whatever. Come on be serious, you think if someone leaves there kid right there in the car while she can see it that's wrong. What are these"awful" people going to do anyway? Steal the car with a baby inside while the owner of said car and mom of said baby is just inside? OP if you do not have a carrier or if your baby is too old for one leave her in her carseat said you will be riiiiight back but you can see her get all the stuff inside as quick as you can and then go get her. Easy peasy.

    Answer by delilahsmom1177 at 10:15 AM on May. 5, 2010

  • Do NOT leave your child alone in a car. Even if you are "right there" put her in a sling and then you have your hands free to carry your laundry.

    Answer by laciD at 10:37 AM on May. 5, 2010

  • Whenever I had my first, we lived in an apartment and the laundry room was down the hall from our apartment. I wasn't about to leave my baby alone in the apartment, even for 5 minutes while I did the laundry. I put him in a front carrier and took him with me to the laundry room. You could get a sling or a carrier and take your laundry that way.If she is too big for a sling, put her in a stroller and put your laundry in one of those mesh laundry bags and carry it over your shoulder or drag it.

    Answer by Bethsunshine at 10:53 AM on May. 5, 2010

  • Could you buy a mobile laundry cart with wheels for transporting your laundry and use the baby carriage (I think you say stroller). You could push the carriage and pull the cart.

    Answer by Muadhnaitloves3 at 12:22 PM on May. 5, 2010

  • Get a sling or other baby carrier.

    Answer by riotgrrl at 12:44 PM on May. 5, 2010