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We have 2 girls, 22 mos and 4 mos old. We are considering in getting a family puppy, (lab) do you think its a good idea to raise a puppy along with my daughters?

If youre in/had the similar situation what are some advice in raising a family obedient dog? thanks

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Asked by navajomama7 at 12:56 PM on May. 7, 2010 in Pets

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  • yes and a lab is a great dog for children and families. Just make sure that you are firm with the dog just as you are with your children.

    Answer by Jademom07 at 12:58 PM on May. 7, 2010

  • it is a good long as you are ok with two kids in diapers and potty training a new pup...but getting a pup when the kids are little means that when the pup is grown it will be that much closer and protective of the kids....i had gotten a german shepard pup when my DD was under a year old.... and that dog would watch her every move. he would even tattle on her. say if she was climbing in her room and i was in the kitchen he would bark this winney "hey stop that" kinda bark. every time i heard it i knew she was doing something she wasnt supposed to....also one time (well it is funny but it isnt) her father was playing with her, rough housing and such. well she started screaming and our dog reached up and bit him on the butt....not hard....more like a marks or blood....but he thought her dad was hurting her by the way she was screaming. not good he bit the dad but good that he was willing to protect her :)

    Answer by Anonymous at 1:02 PM on May. 7, 2010

  • With a 4 month old and a toddler, honestly I would adopt an older dog. Maybe a 1-2 year old. One that has been fostered and is already housebroken, crate trained, leash trained, etc. Some puppies can be easy to train, but most of them are hard work. They need consistency and if they are awake they shouldn't be out of your sight or they will take a long time to housebreak and they'll be chewing up things aren't supposed to.

    Answer by Christina807 at 1:03 PM on May. 7, 2010

  • Don't get a dog!! I love dogs my dog was my baby before I had kids but let me tell you they are a lot of work. It's like having another baby. Especially a big dog that needs to be taught things like not to jump and to be careful and everything. Potty training is a f/t job for the first few months and dog poop unless you deworm your dog every six months carries natural parasites that can cause serious healthy effects in children. Obedience takes at least 2-3 years. That's everyday 2-3 times a day working with the dogs plus that many walks in order to keep them happy enough to learn. I did this before I had kids she was 5 and pretty well trained but gets kind of done with me when I don't walk her regularly. If you wouldn't be willing to take on another baby right now i wouldn't get a dog.

    Answer by mrsjonzy at 1:04 PM on May. 7, 2010

  • It really depends on you and your family. Do your girls listen to you? As in, if you told them they couldn't pull on the dogs ears, would they listen? Some families have a tough time with things like that and the dog gets in trouble for growling and nipping.
    If I were you, I would get a dog training book and read through it and figure out for myself if I could handle it. If you train your dog right you'll never have pee or poo on the floor, and the dog could be the best friend your girls have ever had. GL

    Answer by Anonymous at 1:08 PM on May. 7, 2010

  • I love my lab/shepard mix. But we waited. It was a lot of work, mostly in the first year. They grow so fast the first six months. And they can knock a toddler over just wagging their tails! They go from about 12 lbs at 2 months to 65 lbs at 6-8 months. I would wait until your baby was steady on her feet and possibly potty trained before I took on training a puppy. Next spring might work out better for you.

    Answer by LoveMyDog at 1:17 PM on May. 7, 2010

  • if you have kids then you should get a dog as a puppy to grow with your children. We got a dog when my oldest was 10 months old he is a black lab and sheppered mix and I tell you what that dog is so good with my girls now 5 and 2.5 years. He is very protective of them. If he cannot see them outside he will paste back and forth. He sleeps beside my kids bedroom door. One time my oldest got out of the house I didn't know she was 2 and the neighbor thankfully seen her and brought her back to me but anyway the dog was right there with her not leaving her sight. So I think lab dogs are really good dogs with kids very protective. Shoot my kids can climb all over him or pull on him while he is eating (which I don't alow), but when they do if I don't catch it he lets them do it, but yet if another dog comes over while he is eating he crawls at the dog lol, but not the kids

    Answer by mommy5409 at 1:24 PM on May. 7, 2010

  • im totally all for familys with pets, i think its a great idea..however, i think you should wait til your young one is a lil bit older. puppys need LOTS AND LOTS of attention, takin them outside every 20 minutes to pee (kinda like potty training a kid) lots of excersize, play-time etc..and like the previous poster said they grow fast, and because theyre so young, theyre very playfull, and could knock your lil one down. plus you dont want to get a puppy, and then the puppy will get jealous of your 4 month old because youre spending more time with her, than you are with the dog..and the dog COULD resent you for that. but labs are very patient dogs. and if you were to get one, id get a puppy, so you can raise him/her the way you want him to be..puppy training classes are excellent, and well worth it.

    Answer by alexis_06 at 1:24 PM on May. 7, 2010

  • I wouldn't get a puppies, they are VERY high-strung and VERY high maintenance. I thought it would be a good idea to get a german shepherd and black lab mix for the family (I have a 2 year old daughter) and that turned out to be a complete DISASTER. Try and get to know the dog's personality before you buy it, do your research on different breeds, and make sure you'll have the time and effort to dedicate to your puppy.

    Answer by cheribabii613 at 1:28 PM on May. 7, 2010

  • It isn't a bad idea just make sure you are ready for another child (that is what a puppy is). My mother has two lab dogs that are excellent with my rough and tumble daughter and both are well behaved. If you have a Pet Smart not too far from your home, they offer obediance (sp?) classes for the dogs that work wonders. They also work with you on the most effective way to train your pet out of the classroom enviroment. I think it was like one night a week in the evenings and well worth it. Good luck and your daughters will LOVE it!! (also, you might want to make sure there aren't any allergies to dogs first).

    Answer by CrazyKiss at 1:42 PM on May. 7, 2010

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